What are insurance specialists looking for

Apprenticeship as a businessman for insurance and finance

Insurance and finance clerk - this is what everyday work really looks like


Still looking for the dream job? Would you like to know what an insurance and finance businessman does all day? Would you like to know whether you can trust the enticing job descriptions on the Internet? I will tell you!

I am now in the third year of my apprenticeship and I can tell you that the job descriptions are not that far-fetched. The profession of salesman for insurance and finance is divided into two areas. There is the field service, where you work directly on and with the customer, and the internal service, where you tend to take on the administrative tasks. So that you can imagine it better, I would like to explain it to you in more detail.


Field service

The field service here at the Sparkasse is structured in such a way that the branch advisor looks after the customer. He is responsible for customer acquisition and also for customer support. Support means that he controls the existing contracts and determines the individual customer needs.

Since every consultant must have a wide range of product knowledge, he cannot know everything in detail in the insurance sector. For this there are the so-called “specialists” - like us insurance specialists, for example. We support the consultants in the entire field of insurance. We prepare the conversation with the client advisor, hold discussions with the advisor if necessary and clarify open questions.


Back office

In the back office, it's much more about processing applications. These must be checked, archived and, if necessary, reworked. In addition, the back office is primarily concerned with recording damage, which our customers often report over the phone. The back office picks them up, checks them for damage and processes them. In addition, the back office is available to consultants and customers by telephone. Offers for customer advisors are created here and a wide range of administrative tasks are processed.


Area of ​​responsibility of the trainee

Now you are probably wondering what exactly you are allowed to do in your training. The answer is: a lot!

Basically, you work in the office. You process the applications, record claims, handle them, handle the case and are available to consultants and customers on the phone. Don't worry, not all at once. As in any apprenticeship, you will also start with the simple things at the Sparkasse. And there is always a colleague at your side with advice and action. Working in a team is really fun and gives you a lot of security. In addition, you can accompany counseling sessions. You can take part in these as quietly or take over part of the conversation. Later on you can have your own conversations, as long as you think you can.

So you have a good mix of back office and field service. You can decide relatively freely in which areas you would like to develop and specialize. And if you are not yet completely confident in an area, you can take advantage of special training. You can also decide freely when it comes to the internal departments. There you don't have a fixed plan as to which departments you must have seen. You can express your wishes if you are interested in special departments. Whether credit department, organization or electronic banking - you can get a taste of everything. Occasionally you will also be deployed in the office. In this way you will get to know the typical Sparkasse service business and have the opportunity to look over the shoulder of an advisor.

Every day is different

It would be a lie, I would say, that the job only has good days. Because what job does that already have? That's why I would like to give you a little insight into these days.

Imagine, for example, that a violent storm hits Lower Saxony in the evening. Then I can prepare myself for the fact that many customers will report their damage the next day and that it will be a stressful day.

Sometimes you have claims that you have to reject. Or the contribution of an insurance company increases. Of course, customers are not enthusiastic about this. And yes - sometimes there are customers who take their anger out on you. During the training you first have to learn to deal with such conversations and not to take them personally. But there are also many happy and very grateful customers. And these positive customer contacts more than make up for the difficult days.


Course of training

Your assignment in the company naturally also includes the school part of your training. You have this two days a week in the first year. In the second and third year of training, you only go to school one day a week. The school is located in Stade and the trainees in the class come from various agencies and companies in the region.

For the school part, the Sparkasse offers you many seminars to develop yourself further. This includes consulting training, product training and seminars to further develop your personality. You can also take part in all seminars that are offered to trainees to become bankers. This of course gives you an insight into other areas. During the training you will also be accompanied by the VGH. There you have seminars on the individual insurance lines, telephone training, preparatory courses for the final exam and training for counseling. As you can see, you get a lot of support to achieve your training goal.

In order to strengthen not only yourself and your knowledge, but also togetherness, your apprenticeship year will be given various projects. Here it is important that you achieve something together. As an apprenticeship year, you may have to organize a trade fair, plan an excursion for young Sparkasse customers or hold a training course on new media.

As you can see, the training at the Sparkasse is very diverse and more than just a job description from the Internet.


Christin Villbrandt, trainee insurance saleswoman