Can I put the microwave over the fridge?

Microwave on the fridge - is that allowed?

More and more devices shape the image of a conventional kitchen. No wonder there is a lack of space in many kitchens. If you want to put the microwave on the refrigerator, you should read the following information. We'll tell you all about whether this place is microwave safe.

Crucial factors

There are several factors that you need to consider when considering whether you can put your microwave on the refrigerator. In particular, the following two aspects are crucial to answering this question.

  • Weight of the microwave
  • Waste heat from the microwave

Weight of the microwave

On the one hand, every microwave also has a certain weight. Too much weight, which is particularly common with large or old appliances, can prevent the microwave from being placed on the refrigerator. The shelf on the refrigerator is crucial here. You will find the necessary information from the manufacturer in the operating instructions. Then check that the maximum weight is not exceeded by the microwave.

Waste heat from the microwave

Another factor is the waste heat from a microwave. Such devices generate high levels of waste heat, since only a medium part of the energy consumed is converted into energy. A third of the energy becomes waste heat, as microwaves are not very efficient. Basically, the heat from the microwave is incompatible with the refrigerator. However, the ventilation and dissipation of the waste heat takes place in all devices through the side walls. This is therefore not a problem for the refrigerator.

These places are suitable for placing the microwave

Anyone who decides against placing the microwave on the refrigerator for various reasons has other alternatives. In addition to the refrigerator, you can also place the device on top of other devices to save space. The side ventilation does not cause any problems. In addition, you can simply place the microwave on the countertop. Another possibility is the installation of a microwave. however, you should choose a special variant for this, as the type of ventilation varies.

Accessibility as an important condition

No matter where you put your microwave in the end - an important factor is accessibility. After all, it increases your comfort in everyday life when you can reach the microwave quickly and easily. In addition, it is disadvantageous, especially with hot dishes, if you have to move the plates around corners and edges. You risk burns and serious injury. An easily accessible place is therefore of great importance when choosing the ideal place for your microwave.