How do I crack VITEEE 2018

Vit before Nordhorn: "Nordhorn can crack again!"

With the two 5-2 victories in Hamburg and against Nordhorn in the back, the next duel at the ECN will start on Saturday at 7 p.m. There, Radek Vit's team will meet a team that will certainly be eager to take revenge after their defeat on Sunday.

Vit knows what is important

Despite the high victory last Sunday in the end, not everything worked out for the Icefighters. Nevertheless, Vit is positive about the next duel and knows what is important: “We can crack Nordhorn if we play like the first 15 minutes on Sunday. We implemented everything that we also practiced after the video analysis, and I was almost one hundred percent satisfied. That means we have to do our jobs offensively and defensively and, above all, be patient. "

Efficiency has gotten better

The efficiency in the power play was a big problem for the Stahlstädter up to the last game, against Nordhorn it went better for the first time. “The efficiency was much better. I am confident because you can see that we have found the formation that works. We have to implement that in the game. You can also see in training whether it fits, whether the passes arrive and the positions and routes are correct. Because of the failures it was difficult to train this week, ”said the coach.

Draw few penalties

Nordhorn, on the other hand, sees the ex-DEL player as very strong in the power play: “They are very well outnumbered, that's not easy to defend. On Sunday they had a bit of bad luck in their finals and of course Dennis Korff held up very well. Nevertheless, that means that we are not allowed to draw so many penalties. "

At least five failures

For the first time this season, the bad luck with injuries struck in Salzgitter: “This week, for the first time this season, it was quite difficult because some players were hurt. We saw that the game with four rows did us good, this time we will play with only three rows, but still have a strong team. ”Christian Pelikan, Alex Genze, Arthur Bippus, Lukas Vit and Michael Kopke will definitely be missing. The use of newcomer Jannis Sahno is still questionable: "I hope that Jannis will be eligible to play until Saturday!"

/ by Jens Bartels