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Garen Guide / Build (Top) - Counters, Items, Skills, Masteries & Runes

Spin to win for Demacia! But is Garen really a noob champion or actually a pretty good offtank that destroys everything? I would like to answer this question today with my Cooking Guide / Build get to the bottom. Cooking is suitable for beginners, that's for sure. Because of his tankyness, he doesn't die that quickly and the Mechanics are relatively simple. Nevertheless, you can have a good time with him in higher Elos and he can be very useful in teamfights. Traditionally, cooking is played on the toplane and cuts a very good figure there.

Cooking guide in video form

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Advantages and disadvantages of cooking

As already mentioned, Garen is blessed with the right items with a lot of life energy and armor, which makes him a kind of human protective shield in combat. He also deals very good damage for a tank, his attacks and skills are very easy to learn because there are no skill shots, and he doesn't need any mana, which is definitely an advantage, as he doesn't have to take into account his mana bar on a regular basis to charge.

The biggest disadvantage is its very slow auto attacks, which can lead to the beginner missing one or the other last hit. He is also a close fighter and has no real gapcloser, which means that he can only get close to the enemy badly if they shoot at him from a distance. He can run faster with his Q, but many ranged fighters are also very mobile.

Garen's skills

Garen's passive ability constantly heals him as soon as he has not received any damage for a few seconds. This ability is reinforced by appropriate items that increase his basic life regeneration. So he can get a full life bar again within a few seconds in the late game with the corresponding items.

Q: With the Q ability, Garen's sword begins to glow yellow and you run faster. Since his abilities do not require any mana, you can also spam them outside of combat in order to advance faster. For example, to run from the camp to the top lane. As soon as you hit an opponent with the Q, his abilities are blocked for a short time so that he can only attack you with auto attacks.

W: The W represents a shield and helps you to reduce some incoming damage for a short time. However, this is the least important ability and should be maximized last.

E: Your E-ability is your most important quality with the Ultimate and should always be maxed first. Garen starts a twisting attack and uses it to cut entire waves of opponents. Under certain circumstances it can sometimes be more important to maxx the Q first if you want to exert more pressure on the opponent. The E is worth gold when farming, because I just sweep away whole Minionwaves.

R: Your ultimate ability invokes the power of Demacia and with it a yellow lightning bolt that comes from the sky and kills your enemy. It is particularly important that you only use this ability as a final blow when the opponent already has very little life energy. This ability does the more damage the less energy the opponent has.

Cooking itembuild

The cooking build depends a bit on who you play against on the toplane. In general, you should build items with magic resistance against AP champions. Against pure AD champions you should build normal armor. Here, for example, Ninja Tabi shoes are preferred to Mercury Boots (Mercury's shoes). In general, I like to build the Sunfire Cape first, because here the Waveclear goes much faster with the Minions. The next step is to buy the shoes and the Black Cleaver. The latter helps you deal more damage and also gives you more life. Deadmans Plate (armor of the dead man) is also important for Garen, as it not only gives you more life and armor, but also allows you to run faster. In order not only to increase your life energy, but also to regenerate life, we recommend Spirit Visage and Warmogs Armor as additional items. These ensure that you recharge your energy immediately outside of a fight. Spirit Visage also gives cooldown reduction and magic resistance.

Garen runes

A good cooking guide cannot do without the right runes, which is why we want to take a look at them below. In general, we have two attributes that help cooking the most: Armor & Life and Attack Power. That's why we use attack damage for the Marks, armor for the Seals and magic resistance for the glyphs. With the quints we also go for attack damage so that we deal enough damage, Garen is tanky enough anyway with this build.

Cooking masteries

We put most of the points (18) in the Resolve talent tree. These are mostly defensive skills that give Garen even more resistance and make him more tanky. Important here is the key mastery Grasp of the Undying (clasping the undead) here you get a blow every 4 seconds in the fight that does more damage and heals you in the process. The rest of the points go into the Cunning Tree and give you a little more damage on top of that.

Cooking counter

In the future, cooking counters will be listed here. These are champions who are strong against Garen. I would also like to list the champions Garen is strong against.

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