Why is the Groupon website bad

Groupon Test: That's how expensive the life of a bargain hunter is

Yes, I am a bargain hunter. The cheaper the better. I love paying half that. Or better still: even less. Virtually, of course. Because in the past it never occurred to me to throw myself into summer or winter sales. But everything has changed with the Internet. It made me what I am now: a Groupon customer.

It all started in January 2011 when I registered with the bargain portal. Since then, I've been using it every now and then. I get at least two Groupon emails a day. And in each of those emails, Groupon offers me about a dozen bargains. Of course I'm picky. So far I've accessed it 25 times.

Groupon offers - like its big competitor Dailydeal - vouchers for products and services that offer a discount of at least 50 percent on the normal price. Buy, print out, redeem - that's the promise of the internet platforms. Restaurants that sell their menus in this way are hoping for new regular customers, cultural organizers want to fill their remaining spaces, and drive-in cinemas are remembered. In the end, everyone counts among the winners. One should think so.

Relocated by the window cleaner

I know the reports of broken deals. From restaurants that were no longer there when Groupon customers wanted to redeem their vouchers. Of goods that never reached the recipient. From cosmetic studios that had no appointments for months due to the rush. And of food portions that were surprisingly small on the tables of Groupon guests. Something similar happened to me. Despite the appointment, a window cleaner left me alone with the dirty windows, “for operational reasons”. He was just broke.

Do Groupon users need to feel like second-class customers? As an unloved bargain hunter? That would not be incomprehensible. A restaurant owner who sells his menu at half price usually has to give up half of it to Groupon. Then only a quarter of the normal price remains for him. Often the food alone is likely to be more expensive. A grant deal.

I made myself an intense Groupon customer for a week for this test, accepting offers that I would not normally have been receptive to, including a Thai massage, a ride on an electric scooter, a meal in complete darkness, and even a visit to the pink barbie dreamhouse.

Everyone is equal in the dark