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AC Valhalla: This is Soma's traitor in 'Stench of Treason'

Assassin's Creed Valhalla lets you make a choice with consequences.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla sets us in the quest "The Stink of Treason" the task of finding Soma's traitor: Is it Birna, Lif or Galin? We will clarify who the real traitor is and what consequences our choice may have - logically not spoiler-free - in this article.

This is how you find the traitor

While we are with Eivor trying to win Soma as an ally and with her to retake Grantabrycgsir, we find a traitor. This is one of Soma's followers, as only they know about the secret passage through which the attackers get into the camp at night.

Now it is up to us to find out whether the traitor is Birna, Lif or Galin. To do this, we talk to NPCs, examine the secret passage and look at a painted ship and other objects. With all the information gathered, in the end we need to draw the right conclusions. And here we should carefully consider who we call traitors, because our decision has consequences in the end.

The real traitor is ...

Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

Gael! He has betrayed Soma, while Birna and Lif are loyal to her. This can be seen in his suspicious visions, among other things.

There is a traitor among Soma's followers, Galin, Birna, and Lif, to choose.

Eivor has to live with the consequences

But whether we choose the real traitor or not, Soma will cut the person in front of our eyes and put an end to the goings-on. In the following quest, "An Island of Eels", we then feel the consequences.

Birna was chosen as a traitor

Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

If we decide that Birna is the traitor, Galin will later kill everyone in the camp and take Lif hostage. He lets himself be overwhelmed, however. Nonetheless, it turned out that we were wrong in choosing the traitor, which worsens our relationship with Soma and Lif. We can use it to remove the make-up from the reward.

Lif was chosen as a traitor

Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

If we are wrong and have chosen Lif, it is similar to Birna. Since she and Lif swap roles in this case, Birna ends up as a hostage. Plus, she won't end up joining our clan.

Galin was chosen as a traitor

Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

If we bet on the right traitor, Galin, then Birna will join us. We can then select them for raids in the warrior camp of our settlement.

Even more traitors in "Old Wounds"

We are not only looking for a traitor in Grantabrycgsir. We are also starting an investigation for Eastseaxe in order to find out who is the traitor there:

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What about with you? Have you chosen the true traitor without help? How do you like such decisions with the consequences?

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