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Plant set 'Treats for your pet' incl. Paper planter

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Plant set 'Treats for your pet' incl. Paper planter

The set includes 1 houseplant Chlorophytum 'Hase', cat grass and Callisia 'Turtle' (= 3 plants) at a special price.

Chlorophytum 'Hare': A pretty houseplant that can also be used as a fodder for pets! A real treat for rabbits, but also for cats, hamsters and birds! The houseplant, also known as the green lily, originally comes from South Africa. She likes moisture and can also stand a little in the water in the planter.

Cat grass: The perfect green food for cats! It is considered a very important dietary supplement for all breeds of cats. Regardless of whether they are free-roaming cats or living-room tigers, regular eating of cat grass makes it easier for all cats to choke out indigestible hairballs that the cat takes in while grooming and that lead to vomiting. The edible cat grass regulates this positively before the cat feels bad. (Cyperus Zumula)

Callisia 'Turtle': A wonderful ornamental and useful plant for your home! The strong, slightly fleshy leaves with the well-branched growth are very decorative! The undemanding houseplant is also used as a forage plant for turtles and birds. The Callisa likes to stand on the bright windowsill or on the bright sideboard in the living room.

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Delivery size: 12 cm pot including paper planter

'Plant set' Treats for your pet 'incl. Paper planter' Care tips

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Plant set 'Treats for your pet' incl. Paper planter

Care tips
more years - keep frost-free
12 cm pot including paper planter