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Hair loss due to chlorine is a comparatively rare condition. And yet it can happen to some people who are often in swimming pools. This is especially the case if there are already problems with the scalp and hair. If you suspect you have the problem, act quickly.

If you get the hair loss under control early on, the chances of recovery are greater. In this post you will learn what causes the inconvenience and how you can treat the condition.

Table of Contents

  1. Can chlorine cause hair loss?
  2. This is how the chemical element affects the scalp
  3. What steps can those affected take?
  4. Hair loss caused by chemical components such as chlorine can be treated

Can chlorine cause hair loss?

If you are only occasionally in chlorinated water, this will in very few cases lead to the hair falling out. The situation is different if your head comes into contact with the substance almost every day. It becomes particularly dangerous if you already suffer from hair loss or thin hair. Because in this case the loss of even a few hairs can lead to baldness.

Even people with a sensitive scalp should exercise caution when staying in chlorinated water for a longer period of time. If your skin is dry in this area, the symptoms worsen quickly. If you belong to this group of people, you are at risk of developing hair loss due to chlorine. In this case it is particularly important that you keep an eye on your scalp or protect it with a bathing cap.

This is how the chemical element affects the scalp

If you spend a lot of time in water containing chlorine, this can lead to it drying out in the long term. This is especially true if you neglect your hair care routine. This is noticeable through itching and dandruff.

Ideally, give your skin and hair a longer break at regular intervals. Prolonged exposure to chlorinated water can have the following effects on your scalp:

The skin dries out and flakes

As mentioned earlier, this is a relatively common side effect. This is a problem, especially in the summer months, because the hair and scalp are also stressed by increased exposure to the sun. Keeping your scalp hair short can cause sunburn, which will make your problem worse.

If you spend more time in chlorinated water, then use a moisturizing shampoo. That supplies the scalp and hair with valuable oils and thus prevents them from drying out. Also, you should cover your head with a cap in the summer.


Often times, itching is a sensitive reaction to the chemical element. This symptom is aggravated by the dehydration described, but can be brought under control with the same means.


If you develop inflammation, it is not a direct reaction to hair loss due to chlorine. However, if the scalp is very dehydrated, microscopic cracks develop into which bacteria can penetrate. This easily causes inflammation. It is therefore important that you properly care for your skin and hair after a long period in the swimming pool.

The hair loses its shine

This is also a consequence of dehydration. Chlorine is a chemical compound that attacks the protective film of the scalp hair. This loses its shine as a result. You will also notice that it looks strawy and can no longer be brought into shape so easily.

Color loss

This problem particularly affects people with colored hair. Shortly after a tint, it can happen that the color strength decreases. This scenario is of course annoying for those affected, as they have to invest money and time again to renew the color.

If you want to counteract this inconvenience, you should never go into the chlorinated water immediately after coloring your hair. In addition to hair loss due to chlorine, the substance can cause the dye to fade.

What steps can those affected take?

If you have hair loss due to chlorinated water, you should take the right measures in good time. First and foremost, you should avoid spending a long time in the swimming pool. This is especially true if your scalp itches a lot and you already have dandruff. You should use a nutrient-rich and gentle shampoo. Ideally, it is free from parabens and enriched with natural ingredients such as caffeine and green tea extract.

If you want to save yourself a lengthy search, you should go to the effective care products from Dr. Balwi to grab. The products are also the right choice for sensitive hair, as they consist of high-quality ingredients and can thus counteract hair loss. In addition, they also impress with their excellent price-performance ratio.

Hair loss due to chlorinated water should improve after a few weeks. You will notice this when your hair has a healthy shine again and looks fuller. If this is not the case, you should contact a hair expert as soon as possible. Sometimes you have another cause of the failure.

If your condition does not improve, you can also consider having your own hair transplanted. The hair is transplanted from the back of your head to the bald areas. In order for the surgeon to be able to carry out the procedure successfully, however, you must have sufficient donor hair. You should therefore act in good time if you want to successfully combat hair loss caused by chlorine.

Hair loss caused by chemical components such as chlorine can be treated

If you have hair loss due to chlorine, you do not have to accept this. You can get a grip on the ailment today. It is important that you act early. If your scalp hair is getting thinner and thinner after visiting indoor swimming pools, you should give it and your scalp a rest.

Because staying in the swimming pool can dry out skin and hair. If the hair roots are already damaged, the loss is even more severe.

But there is positive news: hair loss caused by the chemical element is reversible. To do this, simply invest in good hair care. Ideally, you should use a shampoo that is rich in vitamins and minerals. This ensures that the scalp and hair are supplied with nutrients from the outside. If there is no improvement after a few weeks, you can consider a hair transplant. If you have hair loss due to chlorinated water, you must seek treatment in good time. Because for the operation to succeed, there should be enough donor hair on your head.

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