What are the best pictures for home decoration

Hanging up pictures and photos - eleven golden rules!

You decide which photo or picture is ready for decoration on the wall - we have eleven golden rules.

In this article
1. Everything is allowed on the wall!
2. Plan for the whole room
3. Walls
4. Dare to contrast
5. Expensive picture? Passepartout compulsory!
6. A frame is preserved
7. Are you notoriously changeable?
8. Plop!
9. Don't follow the rules!
10. Create group dynamics!
11. Save!

Hanging up pictures and photos made easy: We have simple but effective tips for your planning. Have fun hanging it up!

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Decorate with pictures: ideas for arranging

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1. Everything is allowed on the wall!

Photos of friends, drawings by the children, valuable graphics, the inherited oil painting, torn magazine pages, a postcard: all of these things deserve a place on your wall - if you want to see them there.

2. Plan for the whole room

When planning, always have the big picture in mind: the whole room, the whole wall. Which picture do you want your pictures to result in?

3. Walls

Wait and see! At least if you have just moved into a new building. The residual moisture in the walls damages your works and has to disappear first.

4. Dare to contrast