What happens to your consciousness

Life after death: Your consciousness should continue to be active

The life after death is a poorly explored area. Many religions and philosophies have their own theories, but there is a lack of scientific evidence. Nonetheless, researchers examined what happens to us after death and found that you may notice almost everything in your environment even after your death.

Life after death: this happens to the human body

It takes a while for all functions of the human body to stop. Therefore, doctors do not doubt that people will continue to be conscious even after the time of their death. This awareness is possibly stronger than expected, because people should be able to think further even after their death.

When is a human dead?

The American Heart Association defines time of death as cardiac arrest. This differs from a heart attack, as the heart continues to beat during a heart attack. In the case of cardiac arrest, on the other hand, a flat line is displayed on the electronic monitor, which shows that the electrical signals are no longer causing the heart to pump. The heart slowly stops beating and standing still defines the time of death, confirms Dr. Sam Parnia, director of the research center at NYU Langone School, told Live Science magazine.

What happens to the body after you die?

Once this state is reached, no more blood is transferred to the brain. The brain then falls into what is known as electrical brain silence. This can happen within two seconds, but brain cells take longer to die.

What happens to the brain during resuscitation?

When doctors try to reanimate the body with machines, a little blood is pumped back into the brain. This small amount could be enough to briefly make brain cells functional again. Brain cells continue to die, but are partially prevented from doing so during resuscitation, so people continue to live for a short time after death.

Even after their "death", patients noticed everything

Since the brain continues to be supplied with blood, humans may be able to be aware of the situation despite their death. Patients who were resuscitated by resuscitation reported that they heard everything even after they were pronounced dead. They would have seen how doctors and nurses did their work and could remember precise details and conversations, said the director. The patients' claims were confirmed by those present, suggesting life after death.

NYU Langone School of Medicine continues research

The stories of the patients who almost died left the researchers with a great deal of curiosity. Accordingly, Dr. Sam Parnia and his team now look more closely at what happens to the brain when it comes to cardiac arrest in order to better understand the phenomenon of "life after death". A detailed examination of the brain in this state is also necessary to prevent possible brain damage.

In addition, it should be observed how consciousness is related to the functions of the brain and whether human consciousness actually lives on after death. Incidentally, people reported a more fulfilling and positive life after their near death experience. An improved brain function, as in the Hollywood film "Flatliners", is only "Hollywood Jazz".

These absurd things could also happen to your body when you die. Scientists have also already succeeded in finding out exactly how quickly the cells in your body die.