What is the extension of Lmao


AFK is one of the most common abbreviations in network jargon. As a result, we mainly encounter it in chat rooms, forums, social networks or blogs. It only makes sense to use the abbreviation in the "writing conversation". If a user writes AFK in an ongoing chat, he is expressing that he will no longer participate in it for some time.

Here stands AFK For "away from keyboard"And literally means" away from the keyboard ". Analogously, we could translate the abbreviation “I'm short away” into German.

If we look at the meaning, it also becomes clear why the abbreviation only appears in written language and only makes sense in direct communication. It would not be used in any other way, since the abbreviation requires a keyboard and a conversation.

Let's look at the spread of AFK on the internet, we find well over 13,000,000 listed entries via Google search. However, it must be remembered that the letters, in contrast to LMAO or AAMOF, are also used in other contexts.

Let's also take a look at the trend analysis from Google, we can see that worldwide interest in the acronym AFK has remained relatively constant based on searches. We can only observe slight deviations in December 2007 and February 2013.

From this it can be concluded that the abbreviation is largely unknown and that the meaning cannot be saved in everyday language use. This means that AFK is used consistently in chats and forums and that the mass of the “ignorant” remains constant.

For example, the abbreviation IMHO stands in contrast to this, as interest in this dwindles over time. In the course of time, the abbreviation will become better known and requested less often via Google.

Use of AFK

As described, the phrase “away from keyboard” appears primarily on the Internet. Any other use would also greatly distort the basic statement. AFK is mostly used as a direct response in a conversation or usually forms the end of a statement.

Possible use of the abbreviation

User1: I really have to tell you what happened today.
User2: Do that. But I'll be brief again afk.

User3: Is User2 not in the chat right now?
User1: Yes, it's there, it's only brief afk.

The abbreviation is to be understood as a reply and also as a logout in an ongoing conversation and can be used in speaking situations.

AFK and the German language

In principle, word creations from the Internet jargon are subject to strong change and change themselves through their use. Of course, extensions or completely new creations are not excluded. Hence it is difficult to classify AFK into German.

However, we can state that such constructs are called Acronyms are designated. Acronyms are abbreviations or short words in which each letter is the equivalent of a word. In German we know, for example, trucks, EDP or UFO.

It is therefore up to us whether we use the abbreviation uppercase or lowercase. However, we have chosen to use capitalization to make this article more readable. Lower case would be more consistent, however away from keyboard be lowercase in English.

Note: On the Internet, capitalization is also interpreted as shouting. So if we use AFK, this could also be considered a loud utterance and thus “rude”.