Women like double anal sex

The focus is on pain

After three hours, the workshop on pornography comes to an end. The forty participants all work in a crisis center for abused and raped women.

They are the ones who are at the forefront, who can be reached on the 24-hour hotline and who work individually. They advise women who have just been raped, help female victims of domestic violence and look after abused and abused children.

So these women have already heard and seen it all. As brutal as a story may be, you know an even more brutal one. As far as male violence is concerned, nobody can tell you anything new. Still, after three hours of watching porn, most of these women are done. The mood is depressed.

One, who kept her arms tightly around her upper body throughout the workshop, says, "It's painful. It's just so painful. It hurts to know that as a woman, no matter who you are, you are reduced to one thing that is there to be penetrated and that in many porn films humiliation is central. " And men like it too.

Even these women have to struggle with this, who do manage to react aggressively in real life to the consequences of concrete male violence. But facing acts, even extremely brutal acts, seems to be one thing - getting to know the thoughts, ideas, and fantasies behind those acts is quite another.

Porn films tell stories about sex. The question is what kind of story? For whom? And from whose perspective? By mainstream porn we mean the videos and DVDs available in many places, which are considered "hardcore" and are mainly rented or bought by men.

Most of all, they show sex between men and women. The sexual activity is usually not simulated: These videos are recordings of actual sex between the actors. What takes place on the screen has actually taken place.
Sopornos IV, for example, is a video from VCA Pictures, a company producing for what is known in the industry as the "couples market". The plot is a parody of The Sopranos, the popular mafia series (also broadcast in Germany) on the pay channel HBO. In Sopornos IV, gang boss Bobby Soporno is obsessed with group sex. In the final sex scene, his wife then has sex with two of his people.

After oral and vaginal sex, one of the men gets ready to take her anal. She says, "That damn cock is so damn huge. ... Spread my damn ass. Spread it open." He penetrates her. Then she says, a little more quietly: "Not deeper", obviously she is in pain. At the end of the scene she begs for the sperm: "Two cocks that cum in my face. I want that!". She opens her mouth and both men ejaculate on her at the same time.

Or Two in the Seat 3, a video released by Red Light District. It consists of six scenes in each of which two men have sex with a woman and culminates in double penetration, with the woman being penetrated vaginally and anally at the same time. In one of the scenes, twenty-year-old Claire says she has been in the industry for three months now.

When asked off-screen by the interviewer, she replies: "I'm here to be really fucked." The two men who join her shower her with a torrent of insults, calling her a "dirty, rotten little thing", a "damn little cunt", a "little bitch".

After oral and vaginal sex, she asks one of them, "Put your cock up my butt." During the double penetration on the floor, the sounds she makes sound tortured. Wedged on the sofa, she hardly moves. The men hit her and her buttocks are visibly red. One of the men asks her: "Are you crying?" Claire: "No, I enjoy it." The man: "Damn it, I thought you were crying. It turned me on that I thought you were crying." Claire: "Do you want me to cry?" The man: "Yeah, give me a bloody tear. Ah, there's a bloody tear." Etc. etc.

Or a third and final example: Gag Factor 10. The film is a video released in 2002 by J. M. Productions. The company's website touts the Gag Factor videos as "Best Oral Series" and answers the question, "How is Gag Factor different from all the many blowjob videos out there?" So: 1. Every girl has to swallow the full load of cum! 2. Every girl is throat fucked until she chokes and almost pukes! 3. At Gag Factor, all the girls are throated until they stop!

One of the ten scenes in the film begins with a woman and a man picnicking in the park. Then he gets up and pokes her mouth while she sits on the blanket. Two men who appear to be passing by by accident join in and take part. With utterances like "bang this face, bang this fucking face", "all the way down, come on, until you suffocate" and "that's what I call a real face fuck" they hold their heads tight and thrust harder and harder.

One of them grabs her by the hair and jerks her head over his penis, a technique his friend calls the "jackhammer". Your face is contorted. She lies on the floor and the men approach her from behind. "You little whore, you like it that it hurts," says one. "Do you like face fucking?" Asks another. She can't answer. "Open your mouth if you like it," he said.

She opens her mouth. As the three of them ejaculate into their mouths, the sperm trickles down onto their bodies. After the last ejaculation, she looks at her boyfriend and says, "God, I love you, baby." Her smile slips into a tortured expression of shame and despair.

These three examples are typical of mainstream videos and DVDs of gonzo porn. The decisive factor here is the pain of women. When you consider that the vast majority of buyers and borrowers of such videos are men, the question arises: Why do some men not find it inhibiting or even increasing lust when pain is inflicted on women during sex?

When the legal restrictions on pornography were relaxed in the 1970s and 80s and the representation of sex on the screen or screen was no longer something forbidden per se, anal sex became the standard in porn films. Anal sex was seen as something women don't want, so it was a special kick. When anal sex became routine in pornography, gonzo porn shifted the line towards double penetration and throat sex to the point of gagging.

In Adult Video News, porn producer Jerome Tanner explains in a roundtable discussion: "People want harder and harder things." Another porn director, Jules Jordan, says bluntly: "Apparently everyone wants to see a girl doing a DP (double penetration) or a pack fuck these days. The more extreme things have definitely advanced the porn film. But I know where that is going Not."

In the past few years three studies have been carried out examining the content of mainstream video / DVD pornography, all with the result that hatred of women is central to contemporary pornography. If you were to remove every video in which a woman is called a whore, cunt, slut or whore - then the shelf would be almost empty.

The difference between women and men is one of the leitmotifs in pornography; just like the idea that they enjoy pain, humiliation, and humiliation.

We live in a culture where men masturbate in front of televisions and computer screens where sex takes place with increasing cruelty to women. Which doesn't seem to worry anyone. Not only is pornography widely accepted, it is sold to us as emancipation.

But when a student sits across from a lecturer at a project meeting who saw Gag Factor 10 the night before - who is she for him? If a woman comes to the bank to apply for a loan and the bank clerk saw Two in the Seat 3 the night before, what does he think? If a woman comes before a judge who has seen Sopornos IV the night before, can she expect him to perceive her as a full-fledged person?

Sure, everything would be easier if we could assume that these films would be consumed by a small, deviant minority of men. If we could answer the question, "What kind of men are into something like that?", They are emotionally disturbed men or pathological cases, men with a problem. Then we could identify and isolate these men, maybe even heal them. But the answer to the question of who consumes something like this is: men like me. Men like all of us.

Men who have a hard time making contact with women, or those who have as many contacts with women as they want. Men living alone or married men. Men from liberal parents where there was a relaxed relationship to pornography, or men from strictly religious parents where sex was taboo. Rich men or poor men. Men of all kinds.

You spend ten billion dollars a year on pornography in the US alone. 11,000 new porn films are produced every year. And in these films, women are not people. They are nothing but three holes and two hands.

The porn industry ridiculates any social debate about the meaning of intimacy and sexuality as prudish and repressive. She wants to prevent thinking about sexual ethics. Of course, she herself has a sexual ethic: that of anything-go. It is correct: adults should be able to decide for themselves, I think so too. But in a society in which power is unevenly distributed, Anything Goes means: Everything goes for men - at the expense of women and children.

To criticize pornography is to stand up and say that people are more important than the profits of the porn industry and the pleasure of the porn consumers. It simply means: women are not subhumans, but should be taken just as seriously as men.