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Optimizing sales processes: best practices in the new World-Class Sales Practices Report

Optimizing sales processes is one of the most important goals for companies that want to be successful in their market in the long term. The latest World-Class Sales Practices Report from CSO Insights, the research specialists of the Miller Heiman Group, shows why this is so.

Achievement of goals in sales: negative trend

One of the most alarming results of the report: Fewer and fewer sales organizations are achieving their targets. On average, the number of sales employees who achieve their sales targets fell from 63% in 2012 to 53% in 2016. Tamara Schenk, Research Director EMEA at CSO Insights, describes this downward dynamic with the appropriate picture: Running up the Down Escalator - run into a descending escalator. This is the feeling of many salespeople who have to struggle more and more with the ever greater challenges in sales. Reason enough to devote yourself intensively to the topic of optimizing sales processes.

Recognize performance levels in sales

However, the downward trend is resisting sales organizations that consistently optimize their sales processes and adapt to the changed conditions in the markets and on the buyer's side.
The study also uses these demonstrably successful sales organizations and their methods to identify starting points for remaining sustainable in sales. The analysis of the factors that make sales organizations successful provides clear benchmarks that companies can use for orientation.

CSO Insights uses the Sales Relationship Process Matrix to evaluate the sales performance of companies. Two dimensions allow the determination of the level of performance: The quality of the relationships that a company and its salespeople build with customers. And the maturity of the sales process with which companies handle customer projects.

Optimizing sales processes: Twelve best practices make the difference

Based on the survey results, the report also works out the differentiating characteristics that determine the success of sales organizations. The most important characteristic for successful sales is the ability of the vendor to formulate and provide a solution that is optimally tailored to the needs of the customer. All best practice approaches are described in detail in the study - sorted by relevance - and can serve as a guideline for companies to make sales processes more successful.

The comparison of one's own performance level with the benchmarks of companies that achieve top performance values ​​in sales is the first starting point for managers in sales in order to be able to optimize sales processes. How successfully and consistently does your organization implement the practices of top performers in sales?

You too can use the extensive data that are available in the study in order to receive impulses for the design of your sales processes.

Broad database for a comprehensive view of success factors in sales

A total of 1,289 participants worldwide took part in the survey for the CSO Insights World-Class Sales Practices Report 2017. This year, the main demographic goal was to ensure global participation of individuals from a wide variety of industries working across a range of companies, from SMEs to global corporations.

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