Why is milk heavier than water

Weight of milk is higher than that of water - explanation

If you weigh one liter of milk and one liter of water, you will notice that the weight of the milk is higher. But why does the milk weigh more? You can find an explanation here.

Why is the weight of milk higher?

  • Milk also consists mainly of water, but the weight of milk is higher than that of water.
  • Protein, fat, carbohydrates, salts and other substances are dissolved in the whitish nutrient fluid, which means that the weight of milk is higher than that of water. It is these substances that provide and nourish the offspring of mammals in the first time after birth.
  • The weight of milk differs from species to species and from mammal to mammal. A woman's milk has a weight of 1.018 kg to 1.045 kg per liter, goat milk and sheep milk can weigh from 1.027 kg to 1.041 kg per liter and the weight of cow's milk usually ranges between 1.02 and 1.03 kg per liter Liter.
  • How many nutrients are contained in the milk and how high the weight of the respective milk is, does not only depend on the species and the individual. Climate, speed of growth and diet also play a major role.
  • The more nutrients there are in the food, the more can be dissolved in the milk and the higher its weight.

Is Cow's Milk Really Healthy?

Milk is considered an important part of a healthy diet by many, but it can also have negative effects.

  • Insecticides, herbicides, other chemicals and drugs such as antibiotics also find their way into milk through food and the environment. Although the concentrations of substances of concern in milk are monitored, if you consume them excessively or if you are particularly sensitive, side effects can still occur.
  • Too much calcium lowers the concentration of vitamin D. When this protective vitamin is lowered, the risk of certain types of cancer, such as prostate cancer, increases.
  • Calcium is important for your bones, but too much of it can increase the risk of having a heart attack.

As with all other substances, it is important to find a healthy average with calcium and milk.

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