Can we inject it on the body anywhere

How does the spraying work?

On the following page we have put together some information about spraying. Regardless of whether you inject yourself with the factor as needed or regularly several times a week, with injecting you are taking on an activity that is normally carried out by a doctor. Even when routine has entered the process, you should always heed a few important rules:

The factor must always be injected into the vein. The vein is a blood vessel that leads to the heart.

It is best to inject yourself with the factor in the morning so that you are well equipped for the day's activities.

There are a few rules to keep in mind before spraying:

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly
  • Work as cleanly as possible

It is best to prepare the syringes on a clean table and have everything you need ready: factor concentrate, water (preferably at body temperature), saline solution (preferably at body temperature), 2 syringes, alcohol swabs, dry swabs, plasters, butterfly, and tourniquet and substitution calendar.

Then draw the saline solution from the ampoule into a syringe and place the syringe back on the table. The factor concentrate is mixed with the water and drawn into the second syringe. Place this next to the first syringe.

Next, prime both syringes by pointing the end of the syringe up and gently pushing the air out. You do this with both syringes.

The syringes are now ready. Be careful not to touch the ends of the syringes or the blood flyer with your hand, or they will become unsterile and you will have to replace them.

Now remove the cap at the end of the butterfly and put the syringe with the table salt together with the butterfly. You can now gently press the top of the syringe. If everything is correct, the saline solution will run through the butterfly and you will see a drop at the tip of the butterfly.

Now place the tourniquet on your upper arm and then make a fist. Now look for a vein that you can feel well under the skin. Now disinfect this area with the alcohol swab. Wait until the area has dried.

Then take the butterfly in your hand and remove the protective cap over the needle. Hold the butterfly by the two wings so that the end of the butterfly is facing up. Now prick the vein as flat as possible towards your heart.

If you hit the vein well, blood will come out of the vein and you will see some blood at the end of the butterfly. Now you can open the tourniquet and slowly inject some of the saline solution.

Now kink the hose and change the syringes. You are now slowly injecting the factor concentrate. When the syringe is empty, change the syringe again and inject some saline again. So no factor residues remain in the hose.

You are now done spraying. You can carefully pull the butterfly out of the vein. Then take the dry swab and press it onto the puncture site for a few minutes until it stops bleeding. Finally, put a plaster on the spot.

Very important: every factor must be entered in the substitution calendar! It is best to always do this immediately after the injection.

Throw the butterfly into a special container that is only intended for the butterflies. This way nobody can injure themselves on the butterflies. You can get this container from your doctor / center. The swabs go in the household garbage, the packaging in the paper garbage and the syringes in the yellow garbage.

If you have a lot of experience with spraying yourself, you will certainly handle some of the steps differently. But please note: Rinsing with saline solution is particularly recommended, as this way no factor residues remain in the hose or the syringe and the factor is well distributed.

Have a look at this document - Instructions for the intravenous injection of factor concentrates (order brochures), many of your questions will certainly be answered here.