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Walk with the chip shop singer : What the Tempelhofer Feld has in common with Bavaria

Anyone who is often out and about in Görlitzer Park or Mauerpark, which has a mangy charm, feels like in a completely different city in Neukölln Körnerpark. Maybe like in Munich. In any case, Johannes Rögner from the three-man band Frittenbude, now settled in Berlin, feels reminded of the pomp of this city when he looks at the well-tended grounds with the impression of a palace park. The musician with the striking full beard last lived in Munich before he moved to Berlin nine years ago.

He likes Parks in general, he says. They are places "where you can relax." He also used to hang out in parks for skateboarding. He comes to the Körnerpark more often, his apartment is nearby. He can also only recommend the small “Galerie Am Körnerpark”. Great exhibitions. The current one, “Are you satisfied? Current Art and Revolution ”, which runs until the beginning of April, has already been seen and it is excellent.

Like his band colleague Martin Steer, Johannes Rögner comes from the small Bavarian town of Geisenhausen, not far from Landshut. “Apart from skating and making music, there wasn't much to do,” he says. He then ran off to Munich for community service, where the band Frittenbude was founded 13 years ago. Rögner is their singer and rapper.

The fifth Frittenbude album is called "Rote Sonne"

Munich still plays a role for the band. At least as a place of memory. The three have just released their fifth album. It bears the title “Red Sun”. This stands for “both the love that burns in us and the revolution that should burn in all of us”, as Rögner puts it somewhat cryptically. But it is also a homage to the Munich club of the same name, where the members of Frittenbude used to dance a lot.

“Everyone in the band loves techno,” he says, and the nights together in the Rote Sonne are unforgettable. He would also like to go clubbing in Berlin. The best bar here was the now closed Stadtbad Wedding. But he is also happy to be in Friedrichshain's “About Blank”.

The music from Frittenbude is a mixture of punk rock, hip hop and electronic music. Danceable beats meet driving guitars and Rögner gives his spoken vocals. This type of sound is often classified in the “Electro-Punk” category. “I can't really relate to that term,” says Rögner, “I would just call us a punk band.”

"At Papa's" was the best chip shop in Berlin

It goes from the Körnerpark, along Selkestrasse and then into Thomasstrasse. Next destination: the Tempelhofer Feld. From the small to the huge green area. And the way there: Also leads through a local recreation area, through the Anita Berber Park. Before that, Rögner points to the place where, in his opinion, the best chip shop in Berlin was: "At Papa's". Unfortunately now closed. The fries only cost 1.30 euros there. “Hot, greasy, not so fancy and everyone can be who they are”, these are the associations that come to mind with a chip shop to his taste. And these associations were also decisive in finding the band's name, he explains.

The Anita-Berber-Park is only a few years old, the site used to be the approach path of the former Tempelhof Airport. The fenced approach lights between the many trees are still a reminder of this.

There, where the park borders on Hermannstrasse, is a DHL packing station that was sprayed with graffiti from top to bottom. “That thing is a real phenomenon,” says Rögner, “it's actually always broken.” Even now, as he walks past it, the packing station is clearly not working.

Lower Bavaria actually only consists of fields and land

Then he finally stands in front of the seemingly endless Tempelhofer Feld. And almost seems sentimental. Feelings of home. The sight reminds him of Lower Bavaria - "it actually only consists of fields and areas."

He likes to be here, he says. In the place that reminds him a little of his childhood. Occasionally he does his laps here on his bike. And he is already looking forward to spring, "5000 people will sit here and have a barbecue."

He also moved from Munich to Berlin because of a place like this. Because you can feel more free here. “The police leave you alone here. In Munich the public order office comes immediately if you put a beer bank in front of the front door. "

As a member of a left-wing punk band, he simply fits better into liberal Berlin than into Bavaria. Although he can't do that much with the ascription that the Frittenbude is a left wing band. "We don't want to be labeled as a political band," he explains, "our songs aren't just about politics, they're also just about life itself."

In the Columbiabad he always swims a few laps in summer

Whereby, for example, the track “The darkness must never win” on the new album, which would show a clear edge against anti-Semitism, the identity movement and whatever comes from the right. "But to be an anti-fascist, that's just a matter of course for me," says the 37-year-old singer and songwriter, "that's how my mother raised me."

From Tempelhofer Feld he comes to Columbiadamm. In the Columbiabad, which has just closed, he always swims a few laps in summer. All the stops on his walk have something to do with leisure and fun, and the fact that they have more to offer in summer than in winter is noticeable.

So also the end of the short tour through Neukölln, the Hasenschänke in the Hasenheide. In the cold months of the year, the café, which is brightly painted and looks like a Späti in the middle of the park, is only open on the weekends. Especially in the middle of the week, the place seems rather bleak. Except for a homeless man who has made himself comfortable under the roof of the Hasenschänke, there is no one here. In the summer people would sit around and have a beer everywhere. Often among them the singer from Frittenbude.

Frittenbude will play live on March 29th at SO 36, Oranienstrasse 190 in Kreuzberg. Tickets are still available at www.festsaal.shop. The band's performance on March 30th in the Festsaal Kreuzberg is already sold out.

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