What computers are used by software developers

Software developer

A software developer analyzes, plans, develops and implements information technology applications and software components (databases, programs). In contrast to a programmer, the software developer is involved in several work processes.


He defines interfaces between individual components and participates in system integration and system tests. For this purpose, data processing systems, networked systems from information and telecommunications technology, peripheral devices and software systems are available. He plans upcoming work steps and checks them for profitability and efficiency. The focus of his activities is the development of software modules.

The job of the software developer is very demanding, his tasks are diverse: In the first step he analyzes software systems in order to then program and improve individual components so that they correspond to the ideas of the users. In addition to working on the computer, the software developer therefore often has customer contact, because user advice is also one of his tasks. Teamwork is also required in the job of software developer.


As a rule, a completed further education as a software developer is required for this activity. A comparable activity can also be carried out with a relevant university degree. Anyone who wants to become a software developer should be communicative, have analytical skills and be familiar with database technologies, programming and web technologies.

Some app developers claim that their job is “far removed from the thinking of university lecturers”, but a computer science degree should also be a prerequisite here, because the demands on app developers are high. In addition to a university degree and basic knowledge of common programming languages, they must know the peculiarities of the platforms. Developers often have to teach themselves this special knowledge because it is not taught at universities.

Job opportunities

Software developers mainly work for companies in the IT industry, but also for manufacturers of information technology devices and in management consultancy. These specialists are also in great demand in the relevant specialist and service departments of companies in various branches of industry, in research and development or in the public sector.

Since smartphones and tablet computers have been gaining in importance so rapidly, almost every company wants to be present on portable computers with its own app, even if the apps prove to be uneconomical prestige projects for some companies. The need for software developers who can write the right mini-programs for Apple, Android and Co. has risen correspondingly quickly in recent years. Many developers have started their own business with this business idea.

Every year 25,000 developers are needed, but only 16,000 are trained at the universities! So it is worth aiming for a career or a degree in this area! Not least because, after smartphones and tablets, apps will also find their way onto televisions. “Smart TV” is the name of the new generation of televisions that are directly connected to the Internet and offer plenty of space for all kinds of apps. However, it is possible that app developers are too short-sighted as a career choice. The market continues to develop in the direction of mobile Internet sites. These are built in the new HTML5 page description language, which many experts see as the true technology of the future in the industry.


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