You need Winzip to unzip files

Open, unzip, create zip file: Quickly explained

As a Windows user, you do not necessarily need a special program if you want to open a zip file. Basic functions such as unpacking or creating a compressed file archive are also handled by the normal user interface of the Microsoft operating system.

Open and unzip the zip file in Windows

First use the file explorer to navigate to the zip file that you want to open or unzip. You have two options for opening the zip file. For the first option, double click on the zip file. This opens the archive, you can see all files compressed in it in the normal Explorer view. Now simply copy the desired file or files to another location - in this way you will also unzip the files immediately.

Alternatively, right-click on the zip file to open the context menu and click on the "Extract all ..." command. It is located in the upper third of the menu. In the mask that then appears, select the path into which Windows should then unzip the files.

Windows Explorer: Create a zip file

You can also create a compressed zip file directly in Windows Explorer. Select the file or files to be "zipped" and right-click on it. In the menu that then appears, first go to "Send to" and then to "ZIP compressed folder" in the lower area of ​​the menu. Windows will now create a zip subfolder in the same folder as the files to be compressed. This is usually named like one of the files you want, but you can simply rename the new folder.