Is Google Islamophobic

Google: YouTube must block anti-Islam films

The video platform YouTube has been ordered by a US court to publish the controversial anti-Islam film The innocence of the Muslims to take from the network. A US appeals court upheld actress Cindy Lee Garcia's request to block the amateur film.

In the amateur film, the prophet Mohammed is denigrated as a violent criminal, womanizer, homosexual and child molester. The film's 14-minute trailer sparked anti-Western protests in the summer of 2012 with several dead.

Cindy Lee Garcia had stated in court that she had been hired for the film without the filmmakers having informed her about its anti-Islamic aims. After the film caused outrage among Muslims worldwide and violent protests in some countries, she received death threats.

The judge Alex Kozinski saw it as proven that Garcia could suffer irreparable damage, should the film stay on the net. Google was therefore instructed to remove the film from its video platform YouTube. The group had previously refused to delete the film, as this violated the right to freedom of expression.

Text resynchronized

According to the court ruling, Garcia was chosen by producer Mark Basseley Youssef for a film with the working title Desert warrior cast. It was only when the amateur film was published on YouTube that Garcia discovered that the footage was in fact intended for an anti-Islamic film about the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Her statements in the film were re-dubbed so that she said something like: "Is your Mohammed a child molester?"

Filmmaker Youssef, who also appeared under the pseudonyms Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and Sam Bacile, was jailed for violating his previous offense parole. But he was released last year.