How to shape aluminum cans

Can bong

When a few friends were at my house, they all felt like smoking. The only thing we didn't have was a bong. But I didn't want to smoke a joint myself, because I prefer to bubble and thereby filter out a lot of harmful substances, i.e. nicotine. So we looked around my room to see what we could make a bong out of and came up with the following:

You need:

  • a coke can (or any other drink)
  • pen
  • some aluminum foil
  • Rubber or chewing gum (chewed)
  • and a pocket knife

With the empty can you break off the opener at the drink hole. Later on you pull at the drinking hole itself. You turn up the ballpoint pen so that you have a kind of drink tube. At the bottom you enlarge the hole a bit. Now make a hole with the pocket knife at 1/3 height of the can, which is about the size of the ballpoint pen Shyllum and put it in. To seal the whole thing and make it more stable, you smear the cracks with chewing gum (but rubber is better!). A head is formed from the aluminum foil. It's so big at the bottom that it fits snugly into the pen. Of course, a few holes have to be made at the bottom and it is best to put a sieve in. Again seal everything there with chewing gum. Finally, you poke a kick hole in the can, pour in water and "tobacco" in your head and you're good to go.

So with us the bong really popped. And the nice thing is that the aluminum foil crackles a bit when you pull it, adding a bit of sound.

Keep in mind that the plastic ballpoint pen could emit toxic fumes.