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Why the Quora platform is so exciting

Why the Quora platform is so exciting

I've been on Quora a lot lately. However, the design of the platform and how the Quora manages to keep users under its spell is very exciting.

Here are a few of the most important points:


There are rankings for almost every imaginable activity on the website.

Ranking of the views (View = how many times the own answer has been seen by other users): How many times have the answers in a category been viewed. Most of the time it shows the top three. This encourages you to give even more answers in order to move up in the ranking to the views and to see your own name and profile picture at the top.

Ranking of the answers themselves: The answers are sorted according to how many upvotes (similar to a like on Facebook) you get from other users.

An answer will also score higher if it contains pictures, videos, bullet points, and listings.

Notifications of achieved milestones

Updates are always given when a new milestone has been reached. For example when you have reached the first 1000 views or you get a so-called upvote.

Every time you get an upvote, it's a small but pleasant motivational boost and recognition.


In the different categories, the respondents are rewarded with awards if they are among the users with the most views. For example, in the areas of IT outsourcing, offshoring and code outsourcing, I received Quora’s “Most Viewed Writer” award.

To be honest: who is not happy about an award?

In addition: Most of them only know others who receive trophies and other recognitions. In 95 percent of the cases, you don't belong.

The badges increase self-esteem.

Quora sends good responses to thousands of users

If the algorithm finds a good answer, then that answer is sent to thousands of users. This answer, for example, has already been viewed more than 36 thousand times. A range that can hardly be achieved in other platforms.

It is therefore also easily possible to reach several thousand to several million views and users. You just have to stay tuned. My answers have already been viewed more than 50 thousand times, although I've only been active there for less than 2 months.

Authors biography changeable for almost every answer

For each answer you give on the platform, you can assign an individual biography, which can be one to two lines long.

This is a great motivator because you can use it to express your own expertise. I usually write my work plus the link to our website in this biography.

Suggested questions are a perfect fit

Strangely enough, the questions suggested to me on Quora are very accurate and fit my area of ​​knowledge. Apparently the algorithm is very well built and it apparently reads the previous answers, the profile and other activities on the platform and accordingly suggests possible questions which one can answer.

Reach your destination with just a few clicks

You can tell that the operators make sure that whatever you do on the platform, everything runs very smoothly and that the tasks are accessible with just a few clicks.

For example, there is a list of suggested questions on your own profile on the home page. Instead of having to click on the question in order to be able to submit an answer, one can give an answer directly in the list of suggested questions.

The answer field is kept simple, yet effective

There are not many options for formatting the answers. However, there are enough options (bold type, underscores, bullet points, etc.) to present the answers in an easy-to-read and attractive form.

Active and properly acting moderation

Questions that are not really helpful are immediately deleted by the moderator. I found the decisions so far very justified.

For example, I once asked the question “Who would like to join my Quora blog as a guest writer?”. This question was deleted immediately. In my opinion, the right decision, because the question doesn't really help anyone, but rather revolves around my needs.

Subtle countermeasures

Most of the measures to control the users, however, are built in very subtly. For example, unhelpful answers are not displayed immediately and are only displayed if you scroll down and then click a link that brings up the other answers.

This leads to the fact that one will try to give better answers in order to stay in the visible area.

Own links allowed

Many online platforms, question-and-answer sites and forums do not allow their own links because they are counted as advertisements.

Quora does it differently. You can also add your own links there.

This is very smart of the platform because that is a huge motivator. You will be more willing to give hundreds of answers if you are able to position yourself as an expert and refer to your own service.


Quora is an exciting website to get information, ask questions and give answers. The counterparts from German-speaking countries, such as GuteFrage.net, do not come close to the quality of Quora. It's actually a shame that there is still no similar platform in German in this country.

Here is my profile on Quora

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The author: Sascha Thattil works at YUHIRO and helps entrepreneurs and companies to easily set up programming teams in India. YUHIRO is a German-Indian company which provides IT companies, agencies and IT departments with software developers.

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