Israelis are the worst people

Are all Jews Zionists?

The creation of the State of Israel

People of the Jewish faith have lived all over the world for centuries. There is a Jewish minority in almost every country. The number of Jews is large in two countries: Israel and the USA (around 6 million in both countries). But with a population of more than 300 million people, the 6 million Jews in the United States are in fact a small minority. In Israel, on the other hand, it is almost 80% of the population.

The State of Israel was founded after World War II, in 1948. In the Middle East, in a place where Jews have lived alongside an Arab population for millennia. Because of its history and religion, many Jews have had a strong connection with this area for generations. Many European Jews who survived the Holocaust went to Israel after the war. Many people of the Jewish faith also fled or emigrated to Israel from the Arab (Muslim) countries.

The United Nations supported the division of the area, which was then still called Palestine, into a Jewish and an Arab part. And they supported the establishment of a new state of Israel. But there was a lot of resistance among the Arab population. Immediately after the state of Israel was proclaimed, five neighboring Arab countries declared war on Israel. Israel won this war. Many Arab residents of this area had to flee the country. The more than seventy-year history of the State of Israel is marked by the conflict with the Palestinians. They see Israel as an occupying power.

The difference between Zionists, Jews and Israelis

Back to the question. So a Zionist is someone who strives for an independent Jewish state. For many believing Jews, Israel is “the promised land”. But many non-religious Jews also find it important that there is a country in which Jews can live in security and freedom.

Nowadays the word Zionist is also often used as a dirty word. As something negative. Many Palestinians and sympathizers of the Palestinian cause make no distinction between the terms “Jew”, “Israeli” (citizen of Israel) and “Zionist”. That is not justified. Most people of the Jewish faith do not live in Israel. Not all citizens of Israel are of the Jewish faith, there are also many non-Jews living in the country. And not all Jewish Israelis are "settlers" eager to conquer more and more Palestinian land.

The vast majority of Jews believe that the State of Israel must continue to exist. But many of them, both inside and outside Israel, also advocate a Palestinian state alongside Israel as a possible solution to the conflict.

To sum up a long argument: Many Jews recognize themselves in Zionism, but there are different views and attitudes. Reason enough not to simply equate the terms “Jew”, “Israeli” and “Zionist”.

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