How will the new development affect the house value

The effects of noise on property value

How does noise affect the value of a property? immoverkauf24 asked Andreas Wäscher, real estate agent and expert for real estate appraisals in Munich, about real estate appraisal practice.

immoverkauf24: Mr. Wäscher, it is common knowledge that the location is one of the most important characteristics of a property. But what factors play a role in the situation?

Andreas Wäscher: If the property is within a central, popular district - it is the Macro location cheap - this has a fundamentally positive effect on the value of a property. But even within a neighborhood there are big differences in the location, so the immediate surroundings should also do that Micro-location, be considered: Which Development is in the neighborhood, how is that social environmentwhat kind of one do you have outlook and how is this here Infrastructure and the Connection? What kind of Immissions, i.e. effects of disruptive factors, are there? This can be, for example, street noise, odor nuisance or air pollution.

immoverkauf24: So does the noise factor play a central role for the “location” and thus also for the value of a property?

Andreas Wäscher: Definitely! Noise is a value influencing factor. After all, above a certain volume and persistence, noise - and especially traffic noise - is not only perceived as annoying, but can also be harmful to health.