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iCloud Bypass: Bypass Activation Lock - Warning!

With a so-called "iCloud bypass" you can bypass the iCloud activation of your iPhone or iPad or remove the iCloud lock if the seller of the cell phone has forgotten it.

Whether an iCloud bypass is completely legal would be an interesting question for a lawyer. In general, all applications that are intended to crack or bypass a password lock or encryption are prohibited in Germany. And an iCloud bypass tool can not only be the last resort if you have lost your access data for the Apple ID, but also helps thieves to use your stolen iPhone.

The mostly freely available tools require a Windows PC on which various other programs or drivers must be installed in addition to iTunes. As a rule, they do not work with every device and they always lag a little behind the current iOS versions.

iCloud bypass with ICLOUDIN

ICLOUDIN is a freeware for the iCloud bypass, which is primarily intended to bypass the iCloud activation. You cannot (yet) unlock iOS devices that have already been locked. In addition, the software only supports iOS up to version 8.1 and the iPhone only up to version 6+.

You can see how it works in this video.

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As you can see there, the process is not particularly complicated. In addition to iTunes, a current installation of the NET framework is required.

Unlock iCloud bypass and iOS devices with commercial service - be careful!

The English service with the grandiose name "Official iPhone Unlock" (now "DirectUnlocks") supposedly offers permanent iOS unlocking. For just under 20 pounds sterling (about 23 euros), the provider promises you the successful removal of an activation lock - i.e. the unlocking of any locked iOS device. All current versions of the iPhone, iPad and iWatch are supported.

You have to give your iPhone IMEI or serial number when ordering and wait about 3 days. Then the mobile phone is (allegedly) activated in the official Apple database and you can carry out a normal reactivation. The advantage of this method would be that you don't have to do this again with every iOS update, but can now carry out updates as normal.

However, the site has now been taken over and redirected to an offer that is not only described by many as a fraud at After the redirection to "Direct Unlocks" there is only one review in English and it is likely to be a fake by the operator. The business model of these scammers is apparently to constantly demand new amounts because allegedly further difficulties arose during unlocking.

Our tip: stay away from this provider and research other sites on the Internet beforehand to find out what the other customers' experiences are.

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