Is neptunium an element

Health Effects of Neptunium

When the neptunium accumulates in the body, it is mostly found in the bones. Some is also accumulated in the liver. Neptunium can cause bone cancer. Some studies report "relatively high levels" of neptunium in the adrenal glands of laboratory animals.

There are no specific human effects from exposure to neptunium.
Roy C. Thompson, of the biology division of the Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory in Richland, led an extensive study that examined neptunium. This report included Russian studies that found an increase in the number of bone tumors in the animals. Thompson stated that "there can be little doubt" that neptunium can cause cancer in the bones.

In 1984 a society of German scientists reported the clear results of an experiment with mice. These were undertaken to measure and compare the effects of the presence of accumulated neptunium-239 in bone with those of the decay of plutonium-239. These initial results provided evidence that the presence of plutonium-239 (which disintegrates like neptunium) increased the number of bone tumors. These results were compared with those expected from exposure to neptunium alone.

Environmental effects of neptunium

There are no known negative effects on the environment. If you have any information on these please contact us.

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