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Evaluate survey data - this is how it works

And so you can also see which aspects you should possibly change at the next edition of the conference. Let's say you've spent a lot of money getting a top-class keynote speaker for the opening speech. The participants gave this speaker and the conference overall very good ratings. Now, from these two facts, you can conclude that inviting an excellent (and correspondingly expensive) keynote speaker is the key to a successful conference. With a regression analysis you can support this statement - or refute it. You may find that it was the speaker's popularity that created a high level of satisfaction with the conference. If that is the case, then you should also try to find an excellent keynote speaker next year. However, the regression could also show that while the attendees were quite impressed by this speaker, his presence did not contribute too much to their satisfaction with the conference. In that case, the large amount of money you spent on the keynote this year may be better used elsewhere in the future. If you take the time to carefully examine the validity of your survey data, then you are well on your way and will be able to make really informed decisions based on the answers.