Is there a hyphen in well suited

Not suitable for spelling

Sometimes I think about setting up a separate blog that is all about the incorrect use of hyphens, which would be just as worthwhile as a blog about idiot apostrophe. Here is a new find from a real estate portal:

8 words (if you count 5.5 as a word) - and 5 mistakes that have to do with dashes. Holla!

Let's start at the back. I have already addressed the phenomenon that many people no longer even master the vocabulary of their own field of activity very often (see for example here or here), but it always shakes me. With regard to the number of rooms, everything is included in real estate ads, from "X room apartment" to "X room apartment" and "X room apartment" to "X room apartment" ... just the correct spelling, "X room apartment" with two dashes, I see extremely seldom.

It goes on: The dash before 5.5 must be significantly longer, because it is a dash and not a hyphen.

And finally: "Not suitable for a flat share" does not make any sense linguistically in this spelling. If an apartment is ready to open a shared apartment in it, then it is »suitable for shared accommodation« - a hyphen should be placed between these two words. If the booth is too small or if the landlord simply doesn't want to have shared apartments in it, then the correct answer is »not suitable for shared accommodation« (if the negative is to be emphasized, for me also »NOT suitable for shared accommodation«, but in any case without a hyphen behind the "NOT").

For the sake of completeness: There should be a space in front of the ellipses at the end.

Should I offer spelling seminars for brokers?