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Dermatology laser therapy skin cancer prevention & amb. Operate

With laser treatments we treat warts, couperose, rosacea, vasodilatation, spider veins, melasma, some types of white skin cancer and its precursors. Acne scars, Burn scars, surgical scars and keloids can be improved in appearance and painfulness with fractional laser technology and a dye laser. We perform tattoo removals with a picosecond laser of the latest 2nd generation. We gently remove age spots and warts with the laser. A weekend peeling reduces wrinkles with a short downtime and improves your skin structure. We carry out a lower eyelid lift without an operation with the laser. We carry out wrinkle injections specifically and gently for wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid.

We can treat incipient white skin cancer and skin cancer precursors such as actinic keratoses painlessly using PDT (photodynamic therapy) in our Daylight PDT room.

All interventions can be carried out with us Nitrous oxide be performed. The nitrous oxide sedation is Relieves pain and anxiety.

We carry out cosmetic operations such as: ear correction, lip lift or bullhorn lift as well as upper eyelid lifts.

We also offer you laser therapy of the genital area using the latest gentle laser technology to treat vaginal dryness and itching or mild forms of incontinence. We use the innovative Juliet laser system for this.

We also use the latest technology for Skin cancer screening and the Skin cancer follow-up a. The Nevisense System improves the early detection of melanoma and prevents unnecessary surgery.

We also offer you the entire spectrum of dermatological cosmetics with various peelings, Microneedling in Hannover, Hydrafacial, Jetpeel, vampire lift (PRP treatment in Hanover), microdermabrasion, Hyaluronic acid injections for wrinkle treatment or a micro-invasive facelift using thread lifting orHiFu in Hanover.