The word sweet is overused

Before the summer break, I got the question of how to use compounds Nothing are to be written correctly. Good question! As one reader wrote, this little word can make life really difficult for us.

Let's start at the very beginning: the indefinite pronoun Nothing is of course written in lower case: I dont know anything. The nouns are logically large: She's constantly staring into nothing.

What compounds of verb and the word Nothing concerns me first and foremost sweet idleness a. While the nouns must of course be written together, the basic form is written separately: do nothing.

What about adjectives or participles? Again, both are possible here, both spelling together and spelling separately. Examples: those who are not employed or the non-working men, one non-public or closed meeting, rustproof or Stainless steel etc.

When combined with a noun, the following is capitalized: failure to comply Etc.

The word connects Nothing with a substantiated infinitive, is also capitalized and written together: not being able to, not knowing, not wanting.

Substantiated infinitives with several components that I have already written about several times, for example here, are always particularly funny. Here is an example of such a multi-link connection with Nothing: the inability to assess. Whether this formulation is particularly beautiful is of course another matter.

In conclusion: Anyone who is able to speak Spanish may know the excellent book by the author Carmen Laforet with the simple title Nada.