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Fatal leadership mistakes: this is how bosses scare off their best employees

"Fatal leadership mistakes: top employees never leave their jobs, they leave their boss."

The job world is full of these Stamp fetishistswho are waiting for Friday on Mondays and already in the morning look forward to the end of the day. Exactly these people are quick and easy to replace - sad but true. It's a shame that there are such people in many teams, because they often demotivate the rest of the team as well.

Really good employees, are they ...

  • who have real potential and show interest.
  • which want to bring in.
  • the think independently and are the source of ideas.
  • the one company move forward (want).
  • the company and project personality give.

Such employees are worth a fortune, but usually only cost the employer a reasonable salary. For these employees, it is usually not about their salary at all, but about completely different things.

The following things are more important than money to really good employees ...

  • working climate
  • Colleague friendship
  • interesting tasks
  • Development opportunities
  • certain freedoms (Home office, start of work, etc.)

And in the vast majority of cases, there is only one fault for their termination: the manager, the team leader, the boss or the project leader. Because these really good employees don't leave their jobs, they leave their boss. Incidentally, this happens exactly when the supervisor makes one or more fatal leadership errors.

Mistake 1: "What, do you want praise for that ?!"

Nobody expects you Balloon and a check for 2,000 eurosjust because a task was done well. If the task is part of the job and everyday work, no cock crows it anyway. But you have a certain one milestone achieved or completed something faster than expected, the company Saved money or implemented your own idea in a great way, then there is also a "Thanks" and "Well done" appropriate.

Honest praise motivates here often the same or more than a bonus. If someone shows extreme commitment over the long term, it is definitely also bonus appropriate (in connection with praise, of course!).

Error 2: TEAM = "Great, one person does it alone!"

With such teams, frustration is inevitable. As a manager, you have to recognize when a team works and when it doesn't. If there is a “dumb” who does the work of 10, it is the one that you want to keep as the strongest horse on the team.

But this will soon go, because you don't look at such behavior for a long time. Or someone lets the work drag on, pushes everything along and the others see that. Others quickly adopted the behavior, because the boss let it go and the really motivated ones will soon be gone.

In such a sluggish team is likely too no professional challenge to see - Whoops, the top employee is gone. Too bad. If you treat the unmotivated employees the same way as the highly motivated, for better or for worse, the thought arises anyway:

"No matter how much passion I put into it, it is never worth it".

And guess how long someone like that will stay in the company.

Error 3: "Huh ?! And what is the point of the whole thing ?! "

Everyday work is full of strange rules that the workforce cannot understand. And what is the point? None! Anyone who values ​​such things and sets such rules in the company should not be surprised when motivated and creative employees look the way.

Would you like some examples? May I help you:

  • No home officebecause you don't work there.
  • Plants over 60 cm in the office? The caretaker does not allow.
  • A sitting ball? You are not insured there!
  • Listening to music in the office? Distracts!
  • Internet on the accounting PCs? Nobody needs it.

Mistake 4: “The big picture is not relevant to you! Do your job! "

Motivated employees want know where the journey is going.

  • What goals are we pursuing apart from the smaller milestones?
  • Why is it worth biting the bullet today?
  • What will we achieve at the end of the year?

Only if you know what the goal is, you can also help the team achieve it. Employees who like to get involved and appreciate their work also want to understand why they do certain things. Nothing is worse than thinking that you are doing pointless work. If you are given small work bites every day, you cannot plan for the long term - let alone work independently. This may be a wonderful working environment for the stamp candidates at the beginning of the text, but not for your self-determined top employees.

Mistake 5: "Work first, then pleasure!"

If you take a break, you don't work. That's nonsense! Perhaps this assumption holds true for them Stamp acrobats who work strictly according to regulations. This does not apply in any case to self-determined top employees. Breaks are for them Creativity is just as important as the working hours themselves.

The strict one Separation of working hours and fun already indicates that work cannot be fun. But where would we be there? The top employees are those who enjoy their job and want to keep it. So can a Kicker, a Lounge room or one Games console to a lower employee turnover contribute. And where you have fun, you stay longer - not only in the evening, but also as Job station on the resume.

Mistake 6: "We don't have time for such nonsense!"

The best of the best need their space to develop. you want to implement your own ideas and sometimes may fail. You want to develop yourself further and break new ground. You want to be passionate about the project. They also want to implement personal projects and so learn in their actual job. They soak up creative tasks.

Such employees must be able to "Out of the box" to think and work. Superiors who do not understand this or who are polarized completely differently, therefore, keep tearing them on the leash. Employees who are slowed down or who are still in trouble are quickly gone.

Conclusion: New ideas from old employees

The great employees are also the ones to take care of. Sometimes they are more exhausting than the punch fetishists and office chair acrobats. But it is they who advance your company and point the way with ideas. Anyone who, as a boss, gets involved with such employees will not regret it. And who give them a bit Interest and thanks conveyed, can always look forward to new ideas from old employees - who will remain loyal to the company for much longer.

Fatal leadership mistakes: What is still missing on the list that pisses off employees?

  • What made you leave in your last job?
  • What are the worst things a boss can do wrong?

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