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KEEP wool sweaters, hats, scarves and Co. properly!

With these care tips, your woolen sweaters, hats, scarves, etc. will stay beautiful for a long time!

Like every year, you are looking forward to the new spring styles after a long winter. And winter favorites such as wool sweaters, hats and scarves are quickly forgotten.
They are ... where are they actually ???

Care tip 1:


First of all, as with the classic spring cleaning, you should tidy up your closet and, above all, sort it out. A good opportunity! Because everything that you sort out, you don't have to put it back in again.

So, be consistent and say goodbye to the parts that you just don't wear anymore. Clothing circles, second-hand shops or the used clothes collection are, for example, a good solution.

Now you should have your wool sweaters, cardigans, knitted dresses, etc. sort by. You probably really won't need the very thick wool products for the next few months. These wool products must be properly stored.

With thin and fine knitted items made from yarns such as cashmere, fine merino wool and light knits, you should decide whether they complement your wardrobe perfectly on cool summer evenings. (The combination summer dress with knitted sweater or cardigan is super cool) So these parts remain within reach.

The closet has now at least become more manageable.
But where is your favorite woolen hat? And the cozy scarf ???

Care tip 2:


Please make sure to look through all boxes, drawers and especially handbags and jacket pockets. Many a hat that was missing and believed to be lost has reappeared in this way!

Not only wool sweaters need to be stored properly, the great cashmere hat will also stay beautiful longer if you stow it properly.

So look for all wool accessories together! The thick hats and scarves must be prepared for the "summer summer"!

But here, too, you should ask yourself whether the fine cashmere hat or the light scarf shouldn't be kept close at hand? Maybe you are planning a walk by the sea? Or a hike in the mountains?

Cashmere is one of the year-round qualities! Hence the term summer cashmere!

Care tip 3:


Basically, wool should only be washed seldom. Ventilate is better!

However, our recommendation for the correct storage and "summering" of your favorite parts is: Wash worn woolen items in the wool wash cycle with the temperature selection "cold" and a wool detergent before storing. To dry, please pull into shape and dry flat.

Cashmere can even be put in the dryer for a short time after washing! That makes the cashmere knit particularly fluffy. Please be sure to set "cold air".

Why should I wash wool now?
Since moths and other pests have fine “noses” and love the smell of sweat and skin residues, we don't want to help the little “butterflies”. So better be on the safe side! Because nothing is more annoying than a moth hole.
And you will probably only discover that when you want to cuddle up with your favorite piece ...

Care tip 4:


The dried woolen sweaters, cardigans, woolen hats, etc. can now be stowed away. (Please check that they are really dry. Otherwise there is a risk of mold!)

The best storage location is: clean, dry, dark and, if possible, cool!

Moths like that least of all. Therefore, plastic containers, plastic vacuum bags or cardboard boxes are suitable for safe storage. Another nice method is wrapping it in tissue paper. This also protects against moth damage!

Please store the knitted sweater, etc. lying down. It doesn't matter whether you fold the parts flat or roll them loosely. Both are possible!
Make sure the wool is loose and not overly pressed. Then you can put them on right after summer. If creases have formed, you should briefly let the parts out into the fresh air. The wool should straighten out this quickly.

Small lavender bags or small pieces of wood that have been sprinkled with cedar oil also help against moths. And they smell wonderfully fresh!

Care tip 5:


Now there is still the pile with your favorite parts that you want to have close at hand over the summer.

Here it is enough to air the hats, scarves, etc.!


Moths are on the move, especially in spring and summer. They are often drawn to the light and come through the open window. To lay your eggs, look for dark, warm and undisturbed corners ... and of course, preferably wool! (We can hear rumors that certain wool qualities are avoided Not to confirm!)

Our tip: clean the baskets and shelves and wipe them with a little vinegar water. Then you can put your woolen clothes away again. Place lavender bags or pieces of cedar wood between the products. And close cabinet doors!

It helps if you take things out from time to time and check them. If necessary, you can also protect your fine cashmere hats and scarves in small cotton laundry bags.

Moths don't like air and movement!

Speaking of laundry bags

If you still have laundry bags - preferably made of cotton - you can stow fine hats in them and "store" them directly in your handbag. So you always have your hat with you, even in winter!

The laundry bags are also a good protection against Velcro fasteners, etc.

And best of all: you won't lose your hat if you get used to tucking it into the laundry bag!

You can find out how to wash wool correctly here.

What can be done against moths? Here are the tips.