Is there a hunting ground in the USA

Hunting Law in the USA

It really depends.
Only knows more about the states of Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming.
Cloven-hoofed game, whether male or female, only against a license, for most species in the course of a raffle that runs separately for residents and foreigners. Hunters from one state may be considered a foreigner in another.
In addition to the mandatory "Stamp" that is valid for one year and must always be carried with you, Wyoming has various licenses, e.g. for birds, fur animals and hoofed game.
The licenses are granted by the Game and Fish Department in Cheyenne.
The hunting area is divided into "areas" for which certain quotas of hoofed game are released. For foreigners like us, “public land” is practically left out, first of all being overwhelmed and mostly only accessible via private land, for which an entry fee (tresspass fee) is required. On their own land, the owner also needs a license for certain species.
The hunting times are different for certain weapons (center fire, muzzle loader, bow)
If you don't have any connections over there at all, you should entrust yourself to a specialized hunting travel company that has connections to local outfitters again. If you want to manage everything yourself, you either have to have been over there before or have to pay a lot of money. If EVERYTHING is calculated, a booked trip to the USA is cheaper than doing it yourself.
Weapons were never checked in 11 years, only the licenses and compliance with the game regulations. The weapons must be unloaded in the car. Sometimes they have to be visibly transported or stowed away. The Game Warden have extensive powers and are not to be trifled with. A book about it is offered somewhere. Hunting in the USA, especially in the prairie and the mountains, is very interesting and currently relatively cheap because of the USD exchange rate (approx. 1.5 DM old currency). Because of the long lead time, take care of it NOW. Dead lines are not extended.

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