Who is MacGyver

1987-1995 (Sat.1). 137 pcs. US adventure series by Lee David Zlotoff ("MacGyver"; 1985–1992).

The tech-savvy MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) works on behalf of the Phoenix Foundation, which in turn works to promote peace for the government and other clients. MacGyver has refused to carry a gun with him since an accident in his youth and instead builds things that can be used as weapons out of everything that's lying around. Thanks to his knowledge of physics and chemistry, he manages to free himself from even the most dangerous situations. Peter Thornton (Dana Elcar) is MacGyver's boss, with whom MacGyver later separates from the Phoenix Foundation and starts his own business. The foundation also includes lawyer Nikki Carpenter (Elyssa Davalos) and agent Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill).

The plots of the individual episodes differed only minimally. At some point MacGyver almost always found himself in a hopeless situation, completely on his own, without technical tools, only with a chewing gum and a paper clip in his pocket. Fortunately, he then found, let's say, half a piece of cheesecake, so that he could quickly make an atomic bomb out of the three objects, with which he saved the world exactly two tenths of a second before any ultimatum expired. Fans called these tricks "MacGyverisms". MacGyver made a time-delay bomb out of sugar, salt, herbicide, and a battery, a lie detector out of an alarm clock and sphygmomanometer, and with the help of pepper, vinegar, baking soda, and a hot water bottle, he could make tear gas. Allegedly, all of this worked theoretically, only with larger bomb making instructions the authors would have left out a component in order not to make the production of explosives too easy for teenagers and terrorists. There are different opinions about MacGyver's first name, which was almost never mentioned. In the pilot, his grandfather called him "Stace", but also called him "Bud"; In an episode of the last two seasons, a dream from MacGyver revealed that his first name was "Angus". The character of Peter Thornton gradually went blind in the course of the series, because her actor Dana Elcar slowly lost sight due to an illness.

Sat.1 broadcast the one-hour episodes at prime time. After the series ended, there were two more MacGyver-Tv films that were also shown on Sat.1.

The two biggest fans of MacGyver Patti and Selma, Marge's sisters, are with them Simpsons. In real life, it might be Fonzie from the show, too Happy Days. It was invented, too, but its actor Henry Winkler was one of the producers of MacGyver.