What are some long palindrome words

Palindromes, Ambigrams and Anagrams

What do you think of the word STORAGE RACK on? Nothing at all? Read it backwards. Fascinating, isn't it? Mal names words that can be read forwards and backwards Palindromes.

But the whole thing doesn't just work with individual words, but even with sentences such as: A FAITHFUL FAMILY AT LIMA NEVER FIRED. It is important that the sentence read forwards and backwards remains the same or makes sense.
There are also palindromes in Latin. The best known is: SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS. It's an old magical formula that researchers found during excavations in Pompeii. The sentence roughly means in German: Arepo the sower struggles to hold the wheels. The sentence is quite tough. You can read it not only forwards and backwards, but also from right to left and left to right, up to down and down to up. Scientists are still working on this Sator-Arepo formula today. It is not clear whether this is a particularly successful play on words or whether there is a deeper meaning in it.

In the photos next to the text you can see Shary and Ralph holding a sign that says "Victoria". Even if the sign is upside down, you can still read "Victoria". I name such a lettering Ambigram. You can read that from above and below, and it always comes out to the same word.
When you turn the letters of a word into another word or multiple words, that's called anagram.

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is an anagram of Kyoto, the former capital of Japan. Ralph and Shary have it with them KNOWLEDGE DOES AH tries. The result: WAHN IS SCHEME. Can it be a coincidence?