Why are two girls never best friends?

Real friends and cool cliques

Friends are good for us!

The older children get, the more important friends become. As a child, mom and dad are still best friends, and that changes with school age. Especially their peers become an important part of life. Friendships offer a lot of space for fun, joy, mutual support and to try things out. Certain values, such as honesty and reliability, and their importance are recognized. Friends bring variety to life. It is not important how many friends you have, but how well you get on with them.

Girls and boys: do they have other friendships?

Girls often have a best friend with whom they share everything. They talk to each other a lot about their experiences and their feelings. So-called "BFFs" (abbreviation for the English expression "best friends forever") can talk on the phone for hours. Best friends are often very close and trust each other blindly. That's why it's all the worse for girls when there is an argument or the girlfriend turns to someone else.

Boy friendships are often a little different. For them, the common activities or hobbies are more in the foreground. “Big buddies” want to have fun together and try things out. Boys also often have different friendships: with one friend they play football, with the other they prefer to play on the computer and there is often a best friend at school. Of course, many boys also have very best friends with whom they often meet. But they usually don't talk about feelings as much as many girls do.

Cool cliques

For many children and young people, the clique is like a second family. In the clique there are people of the same age who have a lot in common and the same problems. You deliberately set yourself apart from others. For many, it is important to belong to. The members feel that they are in good hands in the group. It gives everyone a sense of togetherness that is important when one is on the way to adulthood.

The term friend is a bit broader in the clique and differs from the best friend or best friend. Often one does not trust everyone equally here. How big the clique is can be very different.

Virtual friends

Lots of people say they have lots of friends online. But the contacts have nothing to do with real friends. Because sometimes you don't really know them. Of course you can also have an internet friendship. There are children who write to each other or chat with each other. Some also have friends with whom they gamble regularly. But mostly it's not the virtual friends who are there for you when you need help.

How important are your friends to you? Do you find it better to have a lot of friends or rather fewer and very close ones?