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# 194 - What is it really about? 5 magical questions that bring you clarity and a perspective in chaos

av Get out of your head - Emotional Leadership | Publicerades 3/11/2021

Sometimes you don't see the forest for the trees. One problem follows the next and you ask yourself: How do I find clarity? If you are interested in the training, take a look at this link: or write an email to [email protected] In today's episode I will give you 5 magical questions from the coaching, with which you can find out what it's really about so that you get there faster. A little story with a unicorn will help you understand what it's really about. Secure a ticket for the Emotions Discovery Tour now: I wish you lots of great insights and I am curious what this episode will do to you! :-) __ ** Click the link to subscribe to the channel: __ Here you come to the interview with Tobi Beck: com / watch? v = buhuabcxarA & t = 2s Let's change this world together: - Facebook: - Instagram: - LinkedIn : - Homepage:

In today's society, so many things change externally and we have almost nothing left to orientate ourselves by. The only constant that accompanies you in your life is YOU. So it's important to know who you really are. Who are you when you have no status, no relationships, no goals, no money? What is left of you as a person? Emotional leadership starts with you and with the question: Do your emotions have you or do you have your emotions? In order to regain access to you and your emotions and to understand why you act how, this podcast looks people directly into the brain and reveals, according to the motto "Get out of your head", the thoughts that made these personalities successful and how they did it deal with yourself. Interesting interlocutors share with you their way of answering the question "Who am I" and tell you how they found access to their emotions. This podcast gives you tips and tricks that will help you to find yourself, your path and your why, and that will give you the courage to live your vision. Because none other than YOU make the difference!

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