What is the best quality of your child

Children who can develop freely and develop their personality become strong and socially competent adults. A good daycare center offers them the space to do so and keeps checking how they can further develop their quality and ensure it is sustainable.

1. Development, support and learning activities

The task of the daycare center is not only to look after the children, but also to encourage and support them according to their level of development, their interests, needs and individual requirements. This is made possible through suitable activities and an empowering attitude of the educational staff towards the child.

2. Relationships and interactions

Relationships and interactions are very important in a daycare center. They are a basic requirement for healthy development. Children with a secure attachment are more social, positive, and have better relationships with their peers. In addition, they develop better cognitive and social skills in the long term.

3. Inclusion and participation

The inclusion of all children is the focus. A child has different needs depending on their level of development and their social, cultural and linguistic background. Participation enables every child to take responsibility for themselves and to organize their own activities. Belonging to a group is a central basic need.

4. Parental involvement and family cooperation

Parental participation and family cooperation is central. The family has the greatest influence on a child's development during the first few years of life. It is therefore considered to be the most important place for children of preschool age, which is why cooperation between the daycare center and the parents is essential.

5. Safety, health and facilities

The safety and equipment of a daycare center are fundamental quality factors. Safety encompasses the areas of protection, hygiene, health and nutrition and is crucial for healthy development. Only adequate room and equipment in the daycare center can take into account the development-related needs of children.

6. Personnel and qualifications

The quality of a daycare center primarily depends on the staff and their qualifications. In-depth knowledge of early childhood development enables the educational staff to provide individual support for each child. The professionalism can be continuously improved through regular further training of the pedagogical staff and the application of what has been learned in pedagogical work.

7. Management and Administration

Management and administration include information on operational management, time and financial resources and the responsibilities of the personnel. Management and administration are therefore very important for the quality in the daycare center.

8. Overall concept and rules

Area 8 relates to the overall conception of the daycare center. It serves as a working basis for the educational staff and provides information about the main features of the daycare center, about basic orientation and the implementation of goals in daily work. It enables transparency with regard to the pedagogical work internally and externally.