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Goal of the guitar course

  • You get the basics to learn how to practice / play
  • You learn the correct posture (s)
  • You will learn the correct way to play punching and plucking patterns
  • You will learn how to read a punch & pluck pattern and practice it effectively
  • You will learn the basics of music theory (time signature, beats, off / down beats, tablature, and much more.)
  • You will learn how to put theory into practice in a playful way

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  • You get a tried and tested concept at hand and this is very inexpensive
  • You buy the lessons you like - with no time limit
  • You can watch the individual lessons over and over again
  • You choose the time and place where you want to practice the lessons
  • You decide the pace of learning - whether slow or fast - as it suits you best
  • You decide which lesson you want to start with

Your online guitar lessons - overview of the content

  • Easy

    55:48 min

    lesson 1
    First steps

    Get to know your first chords here! Learn the correct naming of the chords & their correct fingering. It is also about practice practices that should help you practice effectively and in a time-saving manner.

  • Easy

    56:38 min

    Lesson 2
    First songs

    The basic training on the guitar is continued here. Here you will get to know more chords and 3 new songs that we simply want to accompany.

  • Easy

    28:51 min

    Lesson 3
    Songs & chords

    Learn the guitar chord in A major here. Here, too, I'll show you the fingering, which strings are struck and much more. Furthermore, we get to know two new songs that we simply want to accompany.

  • Easy

    46:22 min

    Lesson 4
    The 1/4 and 1/2 note value

    Two new note values ​​in addition to the "whole" note value are added. The 1/2 and 4th notes. First we will shed light on the theoretical basics and then practice the new beat patterns that result from the new note values ​​in practice.

  • Easy

    25:13 min

    Lesson 4
    Bonus material

    You don't feel quite so safe yet? The chords, chord changes, note values ​​and beat patterns don't sound so clean yet? Then train this on these two songs. Do you feel safe? Then start with lesson 5.

  • Easy

    36:04 min

    Lesson 5
    The 1/4 note value

    In this lesson we will only play the 1/4 notes and practice and deepen the whole thing using practical examples.

  • Easy

    61:22 min

    Lesson 6
    1/4 note picking - part 1

    The chord changes work well? The stroke patterns also run smoothly? Then start now with the basics of plucking (P-I-M-A) - the so-called picking. Here we first train the thumb (P), the index finger (I), followed by the middle finger (M).

  • Easy

    40:00 min

    Lesson 7
    1/4 note picking - part 2

    Now the motor skills of the individual fingers (P-I-M) should be trained in combination. Here you will get to know some exercises that are well suited to get started.

  • Easy

    57:53 min

    Lesson 8
    1/4 note picking - part 3

    Now let's look at some songs that we want to accompany a little with picking (P-I-M). At the end of the lesson we will examine the tablature.

  • Easy

    71:11 min

    Lesson 9
    1/4 note - pick - & strumming

    Here you learn to combine the two types of attacks. Furthermore, we are now dealing with the structure of songs - the so-called chord sheet.

  • Easy

    58:15 min

    Lesson 10
    1/4 note picking - PIMA

    There are many possible combinations of plucking techniques. Here you get to know another basic possibility. This time the ring finger (A) comes into play.

  • medium

    44:54 min

    Lesson 11
    The 1/8 note value

    In addition to the whole, 1/2, 1/4 note value, there is now another note value - the 1/8 note. This allows you to combine other options for plucking and hitting.

  • medium

    26:37 min

    Lesson 12
    1/8 note - picking

    A plucking pattern with eighth note values ​​makes playing the guitar much more varied but also a bit more complex, as more notes are now plucked in one measure.

  • medium

    36:25 min

    Lesson 13
    1/8 Note - Picking & Strumming

    Here's a simplified version of Bob Dylan's classic - Knocking On Heavens Door. Here you can now train the 1/8 note in the form of punching and plucking patterns.

  • medium

    36:22 min

    Lesson 14
    Bonus material

    Are you still having difficulties coordinating the punching and plucking pattern? Then deepen these techniques with the song - I'm Yours - by Jason Mraz.

  • medium

    27:55 min

    Lesson 15
    1/8 note - syncopation - strumming

    Here you expand your punch pattern repertoire by learning to incorporate the slur (syncope). We learn this using chord families (keys).

  • medium

    40:50 min

    Lesson 16
    1/8 note - syncopation - picking

    Get to know the F major as a halbarré chord, as well as the Fmaj7 chord. There are also syncopated plucking patterns for practicing and rehearsing.

  • medium

    42:52 min

    Lesson 17
    1/8 note - syncopation - picking & strumming

    Learn here the song by Xavier Naidoo - to accompany this path with the help of syncopated plucking & beating patterns.

  • medium

    40:36 min

    Lesson 18
    1/8 note - syncopation - picking & strumming

    The classic by Joan Osborne - One Of Us is perfect for practicing and training various syncopated accompanying rhythms.

  • Heavy

    40:04 min

    Lesson 19
    The 1/16 note value

    The whole, half (1/2), 4th and 8th note is now extended by the 16th note. In this lesson we deal with the theory and first beat patterns with 16th notes.

  • Heavy

    42:25 min

    Lesson 20
    The 1/16 note value

    In this lesson I will show you further possible combinations of beat patterns with 16th note values, our target rhythm, as well as four new chords.