What are the top DJ branding agencies

Are DJ agencies worthwhile to get orders and jobs?

Register for free and the gigs will flutter into the house. A commission is only due when an order is successfully placed.

Granted, this idea sounds tempting. That's why I signed up with some DJ agencies years ago. After all, I wanted to get more gigs.

After a while the agency brokers actually called me: "Hey, we're looking for a DJ for next Saturday. Do you have time?"

I almost always had to decline because I sometimes plan my weekend assignments six months in advance.

I also got emails several times a day for parties that I could apply to be a DJ. Most of them were weddings or private parties with 40 to 100 guests. The music requests often sound very special and sometimes absurd.

But so far the promises of the DJ agencies sound as fulfilled, after all, they get me bookings.

Experience with online agencies from a DJ point of view

The crux of the matter are the conditions of these gigs:

- Wedding, from 3 p.m. with background coffee music
- Subsequent party from 10 p.m., no time limit
- I have to bring the music and lighting system with me
- Fee of 250 euros plus 25 euros travel fee for a venue 150 km away.

I'm not a giraffe and I never ask more for weddings than for other parties. But under these conditions, I don't even begin to mentally load the music system into my car.

I think the business model of an online DJ agency is great. As soon as they have a critical mass of disc jockeys in their file, they do the business with the amount of brokered gigs.

And with so many DJs desperate to get jobs, DJ booking agencies are springing up like mushrooms.

Reach a critical mass of DJs and newlyweds

At the beginning, DJ recruitment agencies are faced with the problem that they operate in two markets. On the one hand there are private people who are looking for a DJ for their wedding party and on the other hand disc jockeys who are looking for jobs.

If an agency cannot offer DJs, it is of no interest to wedding couples.
If an agency does not have any assignments, it is of no interest to DJs.

Since that sounds very sobering, I will formulate this connection positively.

The more DJs an agency can arrange, the more attractive it becomes for newlyweds.
The more bridal couples look for DJs at the DJ agency, the more attractive the provider becomes for DJs.

In the media landscape, this dependency is referred to as the advertising-circulation spiral. A newspaper or a television station also has to work in two markets.

On the one hand there are the readers or viewers who want to be lured with the most attractive media offer possible. And on the other hand, media providers have to market their reach or audience rating to advertisers. The more viewers DSDS reaches, the more BMW, Nivea and Lidl scramble for the advertising space.

In the case of digital media offers, so-called network effects can ensure that the number of visitors grows exponentially.

When did you log into Facebook or WhatsApp?
Most likely you only signed up for social media when your friends kept talking about it and it was clear that you would get a lot of friends through it.

Have you ever bought a fax machine?
This technology is strongly influenced by network effects. That is, the more other people had a fax machine, the more attractive faxing became for the rest of the people who already had a telephone connection.

How does an agency make itself interesting for DJs?

As a booking agency, I would have to manage the balancing act of attracting many DJs and wedding couples to my platform at the same time.

I noticed the following tactic with new agencies.

You just research all the DJs on the net. It's not difficult because almost every DJ now has a website. Then the DJ agencies write to each DJ by email and try to get them to fill out a DJ profile.

Now the pages of the DJ mediation are filling up almost by themselves with DJs looking for jobs.

In addition, the DJ profiles can be easily sorted by city and region. This regional reference of the DJs is important for the aspect of search engine optimization. For every major location, the DJ agencies fill special websites that are optimized for search terms such as "Search for a wedding DJ in Frankfurt".

Where do interested parties look for disc jockeys?

Now the agency just has to make sure that people who are looking for DJs also get to their site.

This usually happens through ads that are placed on Google. Now it's just a matter of math and you can turn the recruitment agency into a money printing machine.

How much money does the agency have to spend on advertising to successfully complete a booking?

The search engine Google makes money from ads that appear above the rest of the results. When searching for "DJ Nürnberg" the result looks like this. I have marked paid ad spaces in the screenshot with a red frame.

As the advertiser, you have to pay Google for every click on an advertisement. For the search term "Wedding DJ Erlangen" this can cost 1.50 euros per click. And not every click of an interested bride and groom will result in them booking a DJ via the mediation platform.

However, the DJ agency still earns very good money, even if only every tenth bride and groom books one of the DJs.

So it will still be worth it if I spend 15 euros to buy 10 clicks on my website. As soon as a booking is made, the agency still makes a profit.

Cash cow math

As an example, I calculate an average event with a DJ fee of 250 euros, with a commission of 15% of the fee.

Party fee: 250 euros
Agency commission 15% = 37.50 euros
Advertising costs for 10 ad clicks on Google: 15 euros
Profit per arranged DJ gig: 22.50 euros

What now fascinates me so much about this business model is the fact that I could spend up to 37.49 euros on Google advertising. And still, theoretically, I would still make a profit. Even if it's only a cent per event.

Only the upper limit applies: How many events can I arrange per weekend if I don't have to hang up myself?

In the end, how much money I can feed this cash cow in the form of online advertising is a matter of cash flow. As long as I know exactly the closing rates of the booking contracts via my website, this system can be scaled wonderfully. All of this work is done by computer programs.

It is therefore not surprising that so many providers are vying for the online DJ agency market. I have compiled the largest agencies here.


Business model / commission

Alexa ranking

Party mat
Stefan Güttel, Daniel Kroemer, Daniel Nimptsch - Partymat.de GbR
Erich-Zeigner-Allee 54
04229 Leipzig

Customer inquiries must be purchased individually, a maximum of 3 euros per contact;
Annual fee for business card 12 euros


MyGoodParty GmbH
Casper Grønbjerg
Grundstrasse 22A
6343 Rotkreuz
this includes: http://all4urparty.com/ and http://www.plan-dein-fest.de/

Customer inquiries must be purchased individually, a maximum of 6 euros per contact


World class boys, http://www.weltklassejungs.de/
Melvin Troscher
At the court 20-26
50667 Cologne

19.90 euros activation fee for DJ profile
15% commission per order



Party professional
Multimedia concept Seidl GbR
Gregor Seidl
Am Osterbach 7
83075 Bad Feilnbach

Customer inquiries must be purchased individually, a maximum of 25 euros per contact


mobydisc mobile Diskotheken GmbH
Managing Director Joachim von Götz
Oberstrasse 2a
61462 Koenigstein
Application for DJs at www.djs-gesucht.de

no information on commission / fee


Michael Knüfer, Never Mind Music
Hammer Str. 37, 48153 Münster
Phone: 0251-522580

10% commission


MisterBeat, misterbeat.com
Mister Beat GmbH
Managing Director Michael Schröder
Darmstädter Landstrasse 199
60598 Frankfurt

no information on commission / fee


DJ talents
Dance Parade & Event GbR
Johannes Alfing
P.O. Box 2103
41339 Korschenbroich

Other websites from the same provider:
Sound talent, http://www.klangtalente.de/
switching box,

No information on the commission

6,076,544 global

Event Service & Consulting
Olga Wolf
Neckarstrasse 15
65201 Wiesbaden

Annual fee 49 euros
no provision


Kühnemannstrasse 22-26,
13409 Berlin
or Pichelsdorfer Str. 143
13595 Berlin

Page cannot be reached


* I have sorted the DJ agencies in ascending order according to their Alexa ranking. The measured value provides an approximate indication of the importance of a website in the interwebs. For example, my website Rewerb.com has an Alexa rank of 3,461,688. In comparison, Facebook.com is in second place.

I can do that too

At the moment I am testing whether I can get to customer contacts myself via Google ads. To do this, I reactivated my old Adwords account and started placing ads on Google. If someone is looking for a DJ for Erlangen or Nuremberg, my ad will appear.

A few years ago I tried to get club bookings through ads on Google Adwords. How I failed so terribly, I describe in the blog post "How not to get DJ gigs - Part 1 Online advertising with Google Adwords".

The test looks promising for weddings and private parties.

Maybe you cracked the recruitment agency code and got great gigs about it? Then I would be happy if you could tell your DJ colleagues what is important. A short tip in the form of a comment or an email to [email protected] is sufficient.

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