How does PayPal track the money

How do I get my money if PayPal has withheld it?

The situation: You have a brand new oneEasy flower shop including PayPal connection from floristweb booked, and as expected, you immediately sold some flowers through your new online shop. Now of course you want your money. But because you are a completely new PayPal seller, the money cannot be transferred to your account immediately.

The instruction:

Why did PayPal withhold my money? How do I get my money?

Many new PayPal sellers cannot immediately transfer the money they have earned to their account.

Your customers paid via PayPal, but PayPal held your money and marked it as a reserved payment. How do you get your money now?

You have to confirm the order status. We show how to do it.


  • Paypal Business Account
  • marked, retained payments


  • Computer with internet access


PayPal itself explains that it is normal for new seller accounts that the money is only "reserved" until you have established a good reputation as a seller. It's annoying anyway.