Where do you download WordPress plugins

Rollback: install old plugin and theme versions

In order for your WordPress website to function properly, your themes should A WordPress theme is a design template on which the appearance of the associated website is based. More and Plugins A plugin is an extension that can be integrated into WordPress and provides additional functions. More always be up to date. However, this can sometimes lead to problems. The new version of a plugin or theme may not be compatible with others or may contain its own bug. Then it is advisable to undo the last update and wait a while before updating again. You can reset to previous versions either manually or with the help of a plugin.

Undo update or not?

Your website is only valid if your themes and plugins are up-to-date. The term website refers to the entirety of all individual pages that can be accessed under a domain, which are normally linked by a uniform navigation. More also securely and can function properly. The decision to undo an update should therefore only be made if there is no other option. Reasons for withdrawing an update are e.g. B. that a plugin or theme no longer works or causes problems after an update. Sometimes this affects the functions of your page Normally, pages in WordPress, unlike posts, are used more for content that is rarely changed and should be quickly accessible to visitors from anywhere, such as the imprint. More that you don't want to do without. This can also affect seemingly unrelated areas of your site. If you have updated several plugins or themes at the same time, it helps to find the cause of problems if you individually roll them back to an earlier version. Before you take back updates, make a backup in any case, just to be on the safe side. If you reset an update, look for an alternative as soon as possible in order not to have to rely on outdated programming. Another consideration could be whether you can do without the problematic plugin for a while.

Updates can be withdrawn manually by hand or much more easily with the help of a plugin.

Manually withdraw updates

If you want to keep the number of plugins on your site as low as possible, you can manually withdraw updates of plugins and themes instead of using your own plugin. However, this is a little more cumbersome. Visit the WordPress plugin directory or the WordPress theme directory.

Download old plugin version

In the plugin directory you look for the corresponding plugin that you want to reset. On the right side of the description you will find the words "Advanced View".

This link takes you to a page where you can get a closer look at the statistics of the plugin or theme. At the bottom of the page you have the option to download older versions via a drop-down menu. After the download, you upload it using your FTP program or the WordPress upload function.

Download old theme version

The themes are a bit more complicated, as there is no corresponding direct download function. You visit the theme page in the directory and the download of the theme is offered at the top right. But you only copy the download link. E.g. for the theme Twenty Seventeen this is at the time of writing:

We remember this simply by copying it in a text editor.

On the right in the sidebar there is the section "Browse the Code" and there the link "Development Log". This leads to a version overview of the theme. There you can see the previous version numbers of the theme in the "Log Message" column.

To download one of these earlier versions, simply adjust the link in the text editor. For example, if you want to download version 1.1 of the Twenty Seventeen theme, adjust the link as follows:

You copy this link into your browser and you can download the old theme version and install it as usual.

Revoke updates using a plugin

The manual way is quite time consuming; especially if you want to roll back more than one plugin or theme to an earlier version. The WP Rollback Plugin provides a remedy, which takes over the effort described above for you. The application is simple. After installation and activation, you select the appropriate plugin or theme in your dashboard. The plugin added a new button labeled "Rollback". However, WP Rollback only works for plugins and themes that come from WordPress.org.

If this is not the case for your site, you will have to reset it manually. If you use premium themes and plugins, you will usually find options for downloading earlier versions on the developer's homepage. Otherwise just write to support.

If you want to jump back several versions, it is advisable to only undo one update at a time and to feel your way forward slowly. This way you avoid further problems.

If WP Rollback is not enough for you and you are ready to delve deeper into the matter, VersionPress can be a suitable alternative for you. It is significantly more extensive in terms of its functions, but it is also much more demanding to use.