Where can I learn about Japanese Shinto?

Lecture on the Japanese mentality after Shinto

Lecture by Takuro OKADA

In 2011, when the terrible catastrophe struck Japan, journalists from all over the world reported with astonishment how gently and patiently the people concerned dealt with this painful fate. In the desperate situation they keep their calm stable. They do not moan or complain, but line up in order to the food and aid distribution provided by the government and the volunteers.
Despite great external chaos, neither looting nor fighting takes place. Why do the Japanese behave like this, and why can they do it at all?
In order to experience this, one should ask about the essence of "Shinto" and get to know it.
Today we already know a lot about this Far Eastern country. But the myth or the form of belief? But the innermost meaning, the soil of the folk mentality of a country cannot be seen through the everyday media or its “export hits” alone. Yes, the Japanese are a bit strange. Why is a cat appointed to the station board in Japan? Why does “stupid” practically mean “holy” in Japan? The Japanese mentality is mysterious even to the Japanese. But this mystery has its really powerful core in Shinto.
What does life mean? What does happiness mean? The Japanese find a solution to these questions in Shinto. So does Shinto inspire people to live a blissful way of life? “After all, it is a magic”.
In the lecture we will deal with the "spiritual truth" of the Japanese, which modern Japanese are gradually losing sight of even today, using the mystical form of belief "Shinto". In addition, we may be able to recognize that “Shinto” can be practiced as an alternative way of life in the often confusing diversity and hectic pace of modern society.

Everyone who is interested in Japan is invited.

Admission is free, donations are welcome.

When? Friday, May 18, 2018, 7 p.m.

Where? Civic Center Stuttgart-West, Bebelstrasse 22