Parents should have their children vaccinated 1

Corona vaccinations soon for everyone from 6 months : Now finally protect the children

It is news that can change everything for parents: According to Biontech founder Uğur Şahin, corona vaccines will soon be available for children. As Spiegel reports, Şahin expects that children from the age of 12 can be vaccinated from June, all children from six months from September.

The news is in stark contrast to the words of Chancellor Merkel, who only spoke a few days ago that a vaccine for children under the age of 12 will not be available until spring 2022. For parents, Şahin's assessment means: The safe shore is in sight. Only a few more months and you can - hopefully - effectively protect your children from a corona infection and the possible lifelong health consequences.

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This also means that the weighing up decisions are now completely different. It is no longer about the fact that children under the age of twelve will probably have to use the Corona emergency operation for the entire next school year. In view of this news, the task now is to realign the corona policy pragmatically.

The whole of society must now stick together so that as many children as possible can be brought to vaccination without infection. If you want to keep your child at home in the coming months (again), bosses should be as accommodating as possible. Politicians must design the right to Corona childcare days in such a way that families can bridge this last stretch of the road.

A father of three children must be vaccinated in front of the single colleague in the home office

It is now also necessary to further differentiate the vaccination sequence if the previously existing groups 1, 2 and 3 have received a complete vaccination offer - at least in the event that a very large amount of vaccine is not available very soon anyway.

Children should not be at the back of the vaccination line if society wants to take their right to education and development seriously. And a father of three school-age children must be able to be vaccinated before it is the turn of his single colleague who works exclusively in the home office.

With the prospect of a vaccine for children, compulsory attendance in schools should now be lifted nationwide until the vaccine is actually available for every child. Parents of daycare children also need the certainty that they will not lose their childcare place if they decide not to use it for the following months, but to look after their children at home in a final effort. And why not extend the summer vacation and cancel the autumn vacation instead? The point now is to buy as much time as possible.

So far: Society accepts that Covid-19 in daycare centers and schools goes through as far as the half-heartedness of the defense measures allows the virus. The initial assumption that the infection is almost always harmless for children has turned out to be wrong, not only because of the risk of infecting one's own parents with potentially fatal consequences.

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Children are also affected by Long Covid. And no one knows what the long-term consequences will be in a few decades. You will then no longer be able to complain to the ministers of education, who have been promoting the fairy tale of safe teaching since the beginning of the pandemic. Accordingly, politics has not been concerned with protecting the children from infection as much as possible.

Families no longer need warm words from the cliché cupboard

That has to change now, precisely because hopefully it will only be a matter of a few weeks and months. What families no longer need: Warm words from the cliché cupboard, the “backbone of society” drawer. What is needed now is completely different, namely pragmatic, hands-on solutions.

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In the past few months, it was desperate to follow the political debate on the subject of Corona and children. Above all, children played a role in that they kept their parents from working - or not. Debates have raged over whether classroom air filters are expensive bells and whistles. Preferably from air-filtered meeting rooms. Physical education without a mask continued to take place in halls, because that's part of the curriculum, after all.

When it came to ideas about teaching in the open air or in empty event halls, however, it was always only possible to hear why this was supposedly not feasible. All of that has to change, now and wherever possible through the short official channels.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been up to parents to tear themselves apart in order to somehow maneuver their children through this exceptional historical situation. Now an end to these difficult decisions of conscience and the enormous burdens in everyday life is in sight.

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For millions of parents, today is a day of great joy and hope. It is now up to politics to create the conditions for this joy to last and for as few children as possible to become infected before they are finally given the syringe to save them.

So far, politicians have primarily thought of families when they had to distribute praise and encouragement in a budget-friendly manner. Now there is once again the occasion to change direction and prevent great suffering and grief in the last few meters. It would be shameful to let this chance slip by.

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