What is the benefit of protein bars

Trend trap or must-do: what's behind the protein bar

A few years ago, protein bars were only seen in athletes or fitness bloggers. They are now available in every drugstore and supermarket. A big question arises: How healthy are these bars actually? HelloFreshGO gives you the answer.

The small protein bars on the shelf are ideal for a snack in between. They look like candy bars - but are said to be healthier because they're high in protein. The list of varieties and flavors is almost endless: with coconut, with a chocolate coating, with whey or almonds. A protein bar that looks and tastes like a chocolate or muesli bar, but is healthy - can that be?

Are Protein Bars Healthy Chocolate Bars?

How healthy a protein bar is depends on the ingredients and especially the sugar content. Therefore, pay attention to the amount of sugar. Some of the bars contain more than 30 grams of sugar - a standard chocolate bar has less. The lower the sugar content, the healthier the protein bar.

In addition to the sugar, you should also pay attention to other ingredients. The rule here is: the shorter the list of ingredients, the better. It is ideal if the bar contains only a handful of ingredients and not 50. However, it also depends on how much the ingredients have been processed. It is also healthier if the protein is made from whey rather than wheat or soy.

There is no legal regulation as to when a company starts selling its product "Protein bar" may call. That is why you need to take the initiative and study the nutritional information. The protein content of the bar should be at least 30 percent and the fiber content ideally 15 percent. 100 grams of the bar should also not contain more than 400 calories. Otherwise, the small snack quickly turns into a whole meal.

Who Should Eat Protein Bars?

Protein bars were originally intended for athletes. After training, the muscles need more protein. Instead of taking it in liquid form with a shake, more and more people are turning to a bar. Although this contains a little less protein, it is easier to transport and eat.

For all non-athletes, protein bars have established themselves as a healthy snack. They are ideal for bridging several hours without eating.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Protein bars are easy to transport, have a long shelf life and satisfy hunger. They also provide important protein. High-quality protein-containing bars taste good and are healthier than a chocolate bar - snacking without a guilty conscience.

However, this only applies if the sugar content is low and the protein content is high. Therefore, you have to check the list of ingredients. Otherwise, the protein bar is nothing more than a supposed one "healthier" Chocolate bar.

HelloFreshGO recommendations:

So that you can save yourself the long search for a healthy and valuable protein bar, HelloFreshGO has put together its favorites.

  1. HEJ bar

HEJ Natural is a start-up from Hamburg. The company produces delicious and healthy products such as bars, protein powders and fitness muesli. HEJ products impress with their taste and nutrients. Your protein bar, for example, has a unique low sugar content of less than three grams. The vegetable fiber isomalto-oligosaccharide replaces the carbohydrates. This innovative recipe makes the bars particularly rich in fiber and protein and does not have a high sugar content.

  1. Barebells

The Swedish company Barebells makes bars, protein puddings, protein milkshakes and even protein ice cream. The focus here is on the enjoyment factor. Barebells wants its products not only to have the right nutritional values, but also to have the right taste. So they not only convince those interested in sports. In order to optimize the ratio of protein and sugar, they work together with special nutrition experts.

  1. Nick’s

Nick’s also comes from Sweden. The special thing about it: The startup has developed Nick’s ice cream and Nick’s chocolate bars that do not contain sugar. Nick’s wants to offer people sweet indulgence without added sugar, so as not to damage their health with too much sugar.