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From 2007 to 2010 Daniel Domscheit-Berg was the spokesman for the Wikileaks disclosure platform. In September last year, he left the whistleblower project in a dispute with its founder Julian Assange. In “Inside Wikileaks”, Domscheit-Berg describes the fascinating rise of the website from the idea of ​​“two extremely loudmouthed men” to the most important disclosure platform in the world. He looks back on the first meeting with Assange, takes the reader back to the early days of Wikileaks and describes how the mutual success of all things ended the unusual friendship between the two men - and the future of the project plunged into uncertainty.
The book combines the description of technical details and the stories of individual revelations with the personal history of the people involved. And as much as each of these parts helps to understand the phenomenon of Wikileaks a little better, it is above all the insights into the inner workings of the protagonists that contribute to the understanding of the rise and fall of the platform. Wikileaks is more closely related to the person of its founder than almost any other organization. Being able to understand what drives Assange and get a glimpse behind the facade of the media star enables a deep understanding of Wikileaks.
Domscheit-Berg and his co-author Tina Klopp succeed in capturing the spirit and charm of this adventure. The book gives an impression of the great ambitions and the necessary improvisation, of chaotic circumstances as well as unbroken creativity and innovation. Inside Wikileaks has everything an exciting story needs. A noble goal, lonely heroes fighting powerful opponents, great friendship and bitter betrayal.
How things will go with Wikileaks is uncertain. What is clear, however, is that the website has started a movement. More and more whistleblowing platforms are springing up, leak networks are forming for more and more areas of social life. Wikileaks was the beginning of a worldwide transparency revolution - Domscheit-Berg's book gives a gripping impression of how it all began.