What makes sense


Today's contribution has it all. Because he deals with THE question of meaning par excellence. And I can promise: Nothing will "make sense" in the following lines! But a lot will make sense.

I am not a notorious improver. Even if I know the German language very well, I rarely correct my fellow human beings. My mind stumbles briefly when it hears certain phrases, e.g. B. bigger like, the only one, because of that, two cars or in 2010. But I usually keep my mouth shut. Because I save the fight against windmills for this blog.

However, there is one formulation that triggers a short circuit reaction in my brain. It clicks and I forget all manners. We're talking about the popular “that makes sense”.

Is it chic or hip? Do you show world format when you speak German English? Or English German? I say no! Even if you constantly go to lunch with English business partners or hold conference calls: German is German and English is English! The English don't feel flattered that their “that makes sense” has been Germanized - they don't understand it anyway. And the Germans are once again cheated of wonderful sentences. It will probably not be long before the following formulations will be forgotten.

This thing makes sense.
This sentence makes sense.
This approach makes sense.
I see a purpose in the way you act.

Equally beautiful examples can be found for the negative:

This war is pointless.
This sentence doesn't make sense.
This approach doesn't make the slightest sense.
I don't see any point in the way you act.

A small appeal at the end: If there really is someone out there who can "make" sense, please contact me! Because I love to cook. And I definitely want to try out a recipe for "sense"!