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Trello - project management tool

As early as December 2015, dapulse was tested and presented as a project management tool for SMEs (Part 1 and Part 2). Today we're going to look at Trello. Projects of all sizes are organized with the SaaS service. Using a visual method, the entire project can be seen at a glance.

The user interface (virtual whiteboard) is structured in boards for projects. Lists are drawn on the boards. Cards are pinned to the lists.

The tool thus pursues a solution based on the Kanban principle.


Boards represent individual projects. In the boards you can see everything from a bird's eye view, in the form of a list of lists filled with cards. Invite the users you need to your boards.


Lists represent the progress of the project. The individual project phases can be individually designated, e.g. in "Collection of ideas", "ToDo", "In progress" and "Finished". So you always know what phase your projects are in.


Index cards represent tasks. Cards can be moved between lists to show progress. Ideas, pictures, links, tasks or appointments can be collected on the cards. Add as many members as needed. The following is available on the cards: Title and description, comment function to receive immediate feedback. Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive. Add checklists, labels (colored markings), deadlines or emojis 😉

Maps can be linked to one another. If you have “subscribed” to the card, you will receive a notification when something changes. The notification system sends messages in the app, by e-mail, as desktop notification via the browser or via push notifications on mobile devices.


Trello offers web, Android and iOS apps and stays in sync across all devices. Everything is updated in real time without any manual intervention. If a card is moved, this card moves immediately on all boards, regardless of which device you are using.

You can use it outside of Trello with email without opening Trello. Each board has an email address that you can use to create cards. Even comments and attachments can be added.


If you have a lot of boards for different projects that many users are still working on, administration using teams is recommended. Teams are groups of users and boards, such as sales, marketing, development. The number of teams is already unlimited in the free version.

All Trello members can be found in the “Members tab”. The authorization levels ("Admin" or "Normal") are managed here. Admins can, for example, change member authorization levels, remove members from teams or manage payment information (tab: Invoice tab). The settings tab is used to change the visibility (e.g. private or public) of the team.

Filter and search

By using filters on members, labels and the search, you can display relevant boards. Cards can be searched across all boards. Recently created maps are shown first in the search result. Two examples for additional search operators: With a "-" in front of your search term, start a negative search (eg "-has: members" to show cards without members. "Label" provides marked or categorized cards (eg label "Urgend") ).

Power ups

Only standard functions are activated. If you want to get more out of boards, use power-ups (e.g. calendar, activity view or voting). You can find a list of the power-ups offered here: https://trello.com/power-ups


The free version offers a permanent, simple, and powerful solution. On offer are unlimited boards, lists, cards, members, checklists and attachments. Only one power-up can be added per board. Attachments up to 10 MB or any number of files can be linked via Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive.

The prices of the paid plans are billed in US dollars. Business Class offers the integration of apps, an overview for teams and more security for $ 9.99 per user per month (with annual payment).

Enterprise is for large businesses and costs $ 20.83 (or less) per user, per month (paid annually).


Anyone who understands Kanban also understands Trello. Teams can be organized efficiently. Everyone is given a task and work on the overall project can begin.

Advantages: Simple and intuitive interface, extras can be activated, free of charge.

Disadvantages: limited storage space, no list view, no project status query

Have you already had Trello experience?






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