What is the science behind the enjoyment

The science of good cooking.
680 pages. Bound

Enjoyment meets science!

Did you know that a 1.5-kilogram roast is perfect after 3 hours at 120 ° C in the oven? That a chicken braises best in its own juice? How do I cut onions correctly and quickly? And why does vodka make my cake batter particularly crumbly?

Perfection - it's the turn of the science of good cooking for everyone who wants to know what is really behind culinary enjoyment.

On a scientific basis The test cooks and food chemists from "America’s Test Kitchen" create elaborate experiments. In the end, there is the best possible recipe for your kitchen: easy to understand and easy to implement.

The complete edition now combines all three bestsellers on the fundamental questions of cooking. Quasi the three-course menu of a star chef: opulent and overwhelming with more than 300 recipes!

Meat and vegetables topped with a sweet masterpiece of baking. This extraordinary cookbook offers you immediately applicable knowledge for perfect enjoyment and turns theory into everyday kitchen practice.

Perfect your meals for € 69.90!