What is collective effect

Identity and Transformation: The Integrative Effect of a Collective Identity (eBook, PDF)

The subject of the investigation is an analytical representation of the factor 'identity' relevant to the transformation process in the post-Soviet space. The collective identity that was expressed in the national movements and that is inherent in the idea of ​​the 'nation' was a major factor in the collapse of the Soviet Union and is still an essential parameter in the investigation of how successful the process of transformation has been in the individual countries. In this analysis, a hermeneutical approach based on cultural studies is used, which consciously tries not to exclude the question of political culture in the transformation process. The research question comprises three sub-questions: what is identity and what role does it play in the transformation process, how is the contribution of national identity offers to the development of a collective identity to be assessed? Does a successful transformation society need a national identity?

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