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Small actors

What do I need to know to become a small actor?

From babies to sprightly senior citizens, basically everyone can become a small actor. Depending on the film, people are constantly being sought who play non-speaking or small roles in the background of the picture. Agencies often also speak of extras or extras. The difference in terms is slight and can be described in the action during the scene. The extra is asked to run through the picture and past the actors at a certain moment. The extra (a term that actually comes from the theater sector), on the other hand, belongs to a crowd scene or represents a person sitting on the bench. So no acting is required of the extra or extra. In contrast to the small actor who takes on small roles with text. In a train station scene, it could be that he should buy a ticket and appear next to the main actors. A role in the classic sense cannot yet be spoken of here, especially since it is usually only a single or a few appearances in a film. This clearly shows the difference between small actors and extras.

The remuneration of the small actors

Small actors are paid by role or days. The rates are calculated on a daily basis and are regulated in a collective agreement under the Alliance of German Producers - Film and Television e.V. A statutory minimum wage was introduced for extras in 2015, which was increased in 2017. Accordingly, extras receive a minimum rate of 8.84 to 9.00 euros per hour. Small actors, on the other hand, receive a fee of between 120 and 150 euros per day. There are also additional payments such as speaking text or bringing personal items such as a photo camera or your own car, which will be shown in the film. Depending on the requirements, the amount of the fee is regulated accordingly. For this reason there is a modern categorization into “simple small display”, “upscale small display” and “noble extra series”. Only attendance at the location is paid for. Arrival and departure times are not reimbursed. Anyone who receives an inquiry as a small actor should therefore not only plan the travel times to the film set, but also know that long journeys are not part of the booking. Should a shoot take longer than planned, overtime bonuses will be paid. Bookings after 10 p.m. will also be charged with a night surcharge.

In order to work as a small actor, interested parties should apply to agencies and be registered there. All important data such as body measurements, eye and hair color and special skills or training and qualification are recorded here. Based on this data, small actors can be selected specifically for TV films, movies and soap series.